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Club Rides - Sunday Café Run

Sunday Café Runs depart from the corner of Turner Lane and High Street, Whiston.

If you come along on a Sunday Café Run, we will be on the road, riding for about 4 hours covering around 50 miles with a café stop.

Rides are at ~15mph and leave the village at 8.00am.

Including the café stop we're usually back in the village for around 1:30pm.

We always have a planned route for a Sunday ride and they can be found below.

Please take time to read our Risk Assessment on Road Riding.

Upcoming rides

Rotherham Wheelers Century Ride


The event is run by Sportive HQ on behalf of Rotherham Wheelers.

Sitwell Cycling Club will be running no rides on this day and encourage all members to sign up the sportive as a show of support for our friends in Rotherham Wheelers.

Christmas Ride: Dont let the bells end

Multiple ride captains will be on this ride leading various groups if necessery.

This ride leaves from the corner of Turner Lane & High Street, Whiston at 9am.

Ho ho ho!

Fancy dress will NOT be optional. The more outrageous (whilst staying Christmas themed) the better. Think Santa suits. Elf costumes. A Christmas tree with working lights. Yule log? Is that possible?

It'd be great if we could get a full club outing.

We'll do about 30 miles on reletively quiet roads, café stop at Leger Lakes and we'll be back in plenty of time for the Club's Christmas Party. :-D

Ride discription:

As flat as it can be for around here.

The pace on this ride will be slower than usual.

Bank Holiday Blowout: A rolling stone gathers no Moss.


Leaving from the corner of Turner Lane & High Street at 8am.

Ride description:

Big spring blowout! Big miles, big effort and big laughs. Start your Summer right with our epic Holme Moss adventure. Heading out through Wentworth our first real climb of the day will come at Stainborough where we'll tackle Lowe Lane. Stay seated for the sting in its tail just after the bus stop! Next through Silkstone and the stunning scenery around Ingbirchworth Reservoir, we scoot round Hade Edge before dropping down the fast descent into Holmfirth where we'll pay a visit to BLOC Toast. Dont eat too much here as after leaving the café we'll work our way through Holmebridge before tackling the beast that is Holme Moss. Sit in and dig deep, we'll regroup at the radio tower where you can relive your own Tour de France glory!

From the top of here we have another quick descent down to the A628 or as it’s known round these parts – Woodhead Pass. A quick 10 minute tootle up here we’ll then leave the A road to head over to Dunford Bridge. Skipping round Penistone we’ll go across the top of Pea Royd Lane to Wortley, where we’ll then retrace our steps through Wentworth on our way back to HQ.

Total distance is 80 mile / 128 km with total elevation gain 7,750 feet / 2,362 metres

The route can be downloaded here:

The pace on this ride will be about 13 mph. 

Cafe stop will be at the awesome BLOC Toast in Holmfirth -

Bank Holiday Blowout: Fish and Chips by the Coast!


Leaving from the corner of Turner Lane & High Street at 7am. That's SEVEN AM! 

Big summer blowout! Big miles, big effort. Big laughs. Our now annual Cleggy ride as it's affectionately known.

Ride discription:
140ish miles, relatively flat with a few lumps as we hit The Wolds, but nothing like round here.

This is the route we'll be doing:

The pace on this ride will be about ~15mph.

Café stop on the way back. Well, Ice cream stop at the awesome Blyton Ice Cream Parlour. Fish and Chips at the excellent Papas on the pier.