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AGM 2017

As per Rule 5b of the Club's constitution here is written notice of this year's AGM.


Friday 1st December 2017




The Parish Hall,
Well Lane,
S60 4HX


As per rule 6 of the Club's constitution, the proceedings will be as follows:

  • The Treasurer will produce accounts of the Club for the latest financial year audited as the Committee shall decide;
  • The Committee will present a report on the Club's activities since the previous AGM;
  • The Members will appoint a suitable person to audit the accounts;
  • The Members will discuss and vote on any resolution (whether about policy or to change the Rules) and deal with any other business put to the meeting;
  • and the Members will elect a Committee including a Chair, Vice Chair (Secretary) and Treasurer to serve until the next AGM.


As per Rule 8c of the Club's constitution, voting will take place to elect a new Chair, Vice Chair (Secretary) and Treasurer to serve until the next AGM. The Officers of the Committee are co-opted.

If you wish to stand for either Chair, Vice Chair (Secretary) or Treasurer can you let the current Committee know at no later than Wednesday 1st November.


A full agenda will be out no later than 21 days prior to the AGM.

The Committee