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Changes to the Committee

After a successful vote to make a few changes to the Constitution we've acted quickly to make a changes to the Club's Committee.

The updated Constitution can be seen here.

Vice Chair

After Andy Laidler took on more responsibility at the back-end of last year with the Racing Officer role, we've shared the Vice Chair duties.

Andy will still be taking the helm as needed, but James Fox is now also sharing those duties. A big thanks to Andy and James for this.

Equalities & Diversity Officer

The vote specifically allowed us to add more Members to the Club's Committee and we've also added a line that the diverse make-up of the Committee should represent where possible the make-up of the Club (8.C.II).

As such, with the expansion of the Club to now 81 Members and with our female membership ever increasing, to better represent those new voices we've added Claire Morgan to the Committee.

She's took on the role of Equalities & Diversity Officer, there's more on Claire's role here.

We're really excited about her appointment and we've had great feedback from Members too.

If you wish to discuss this in detail, don't hesitate to get in touch through the usual channels.