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Cleethorpes 2018

With just under a week to go until our big summer blowout, here's a rundown of the day's proceedings.

We had 16 members out last year on what was a glorious late summers day.

Last year we set of at 6am, but with a few mechanicals on the way we were still early for the opening of Papas on the pier, so this year we're leaving at 7am (SEVEN).

It's almost a 140 mile round trip from HQ, so 70ish miles out to Cleethorpes, stopping only by request :-D.

We hope to arrive around 11:30am-12pm, just in time for a fish and chip lunch.

Just go for the small, seriously. Anything else and you may end up in a food coma.

Hopefully with the wind at our backs (wishful thinking) we'll head back through the Linconlnshire Wolds before stopping at Blyton Ice Cream Parlour around 110 miles in.

Topped up on sugary goodness we'll then follow familiar roads back to base (140 miles) with an expected ETA of around 5:30-6pm.

Still with plenty of time to stock up on some fine quality ales from club sponsor, The Sitwell Arms.

A big day out, but like all club rides, we'll do it together. We expect the pace on this flat ride to be around 14-15mph.

Please bring plenty of sustenance and a few tubes.

N.B. Only a few climbs to note, one about 50 miles in just as we hit the Wolds and another about 83 miles in at a similar place on the return leg.

This is the route we'll be taking:

We're not running a coach as previously discussed as we haven't had the numbers to justify it. If you would like to make your own way home from Cleethorpes wishing to only do the out leg, there are trains at about 25 minutes past the hour every hour to Doncaster and it costs around £9.

Weather wise. It's going to be a pretty chilly start. Looks like we're going to get the full range of 8˚ to 19˚ throughout the day. I don't think we're going to get the sun we had last year. That's 46 - 66 in old money. So be prepared. Maybe arm warmers and suncream.

See you bright and breezy on Sunday morning.

Full weekend

Just a quick note to say we're still running our full compliment of rides over the weekend. There'll be Saunters of around 30 miles in length leaving at 9am on both days. And Ben is taking folks on the Saturday Café Ride out to Retford.

So plenty of options if you feel like this is a ride too far.