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Club Competitons 2019

As always we're running our club competitons this year but we've decided to make changes to some of them.

We've kept the following the same as previous years, meaning there are still three jerseys on offer to any member regardless of age, gender or ability.

Member of the Year

This will remain unchanged. Up for grabs is our coveted 'Sitwell Stripes' jersey. Decided by a vote of all club members.

Most Improved

Introduced in 2018 is our white jersey. This will remain unchanged. Decided by a vote of committee members.

General Classification

Our yellow jersey will be up for grabs again this year. We've made a few changes to the format of the competition though. To make things easier. The winner will the member who attends the most club rides from 1st Jan to 30th September. Doesn't matter whether it's a Wednesday night/Saturday green ride or a Sunday red ride. They all count.


After the launch of our own hill climb (HC) in September, we've decided to change the format of the KOM/QOM (Spotted) and Sprint (Green) jerseys. The jerseys themselves will no longer be on offer and we'll be handing out trophies instead.

Both our HC and Kilo Sprint will be run on Friday evenings. We'll need club members to marshal and come and show their support. Ideally if you fancy a crack at the hill climb, you'll marshal the Kilo Sprint and vice-versa. We'll be running categories similar to the CTT categories.

We've chosen Friday nights to make it a more sociable/friendly atmosphere. Something we hope most members will have a go at. After the event we can all retreat to the Sitwell for a cheeky pop or two.

Hill Climb

What was once our KOM/QOM spotted jersey is no more.

On the evening of Friday 31st May we'll be running a test event for our September Open HC. This will be for club members only. First rider of at 7.01pm. £3 entry on the line to cover insurance purposes. This will be run on the OHC19 course.

More information here:

Kilo Sprint

Similarly, our Sprint green jersey will be no more.

We haven't been given a course code yet for this, but it'll be a 1km stretch of Hawk Hill Lane. A road we've used in the past for competitons. This will be for club members only. First rider of at 7.01pm on Friday 19th July. £3 entry on the line to cover insurance purposes.

More information here:

Any questions about the above. Use the #racing channel or contact Andy Laidler for more information.

Good luck.