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Club stats - 12/02/17

What a shocking week, yuck! Still 23 of you got in the saddle and kept the legs moving. Well done all!!.

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Andy still holds Top Spot after putting in 150+ miles this week but has lost some market share with now just 10.62 % of the tally. down 0.5%, with 3 of the other 4 top 5 putting in 100+ miles to keep, this includes Neil Moseley who jumped bail and joined us from the dark side causing mayhem in the top 5 and giving Darren, Joe and Simon a shot across the bows. Welcome Neil !!

Mark drops out of the top five, with Mick continuing to climb, unseating Chairman Jonny from his comfy throne. Anabel drops a spot due to Neil's addition despite a solid week. Jordon makes up the top 10 despite remaining an enigma :) .

Paul drops out of the top 10 after a bikefree week into an otherwise unchanged 11th-15th spot.

Nowt in it in 16th place for James to get back up to 15th with Lee dropping 3 places due to using too many big words in his facebook ramblings rather than turning pedals. Ian a big climber this week after a solid week with Arun and Paul dropping a couple of spots. Ade, Gavin and Duncan getting out this week to add to the impressive 10k+ mile total already!!.

Tom is like Atlas holding every thing up, cheers fella ;)

A couple of bright spots in the weather next week and then some holidays , who knows what that'll bring


YtD Totals: Rides count: 586, Distance count: 9923.07miles, Elevation count: 369116.25ft.