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Club stats - 19/03/17

Now then, week 11 and the club continues to grow taking on a plethora of new members this week, all keen riders by the looks of things. These new additions meant that 30 of us donned the Lycra to accumulate 113 rides covering 2390 miles over 163 hours and climbing 133018ft. Kudos to all!!

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Andy continues to lead the way even with a lethal dose of manful to compete heroically in the Mag 7 race today and smashes his way through the 2k mark, already more than my total mileage last year!! Darren reclaims second spot after a big ride today leading a rag tag bunch of warriors up Monsal Hill like a boss.

Neil narrowly falls to 3rd place literally within a stone’s throw of Darren. Joe grabs a GF to stay within ‘striking’ distance of the leaders and Simon holds on to 5th after a solid week of extended commutes.

Mark leapfrogs Neil after a big ride today to Monsal, while perhaps sensibly Neil took to strava for his miles this week. Monsal Mick celebrates his 100 ride by breaking through the 1000 mile mark as well as the 1000 pound mark with his charitable efforts. A couple of big TVC rides bring Nigel up to 9th with Annabel dropping to 10th racked with a cold almost 1/10th as bad as manful so well done on that count Annabel.

Jon holds firm in 11th with Paul continuing his assault on the top 10. Chairman Jonny drops a spot to 13th with a rampant Rob T jumping 4 spots to 14th. David spends a lot of time at the allotment with 4x40 mile turbo sessions, ouch!!

Unsuitably attired Lee climbs his way to 16th just a handful of miles ahead of Jordon with wind averse Rob slipping further down. James is looking slick in 19th with his new deep sections with racer Greg dropping to 20th despite representing the club with great aplomb.

Powerhouse Ian a whisker away from top 20 spot after a massive effort today and a couple of steady efforts catapults birthday boy Paul up 2 spots. Happy birthday Paul. Phil heads to Dublin for the rugby and ‘over-samples’ the black stuff. Dave still in the Bermuda triangle and Rick steps up to take 25th place.

Ade and Arun stay put at 26th and 27th respectively and we welcome new joiners Tommy and Jamie to the club knocking Gavin down to 30th. All quite for a bit and Ravi braves the winds to keep tabs on Duncan. New member Jason gets on the board with Shaun dropping a spot despite a good showing this week. Another welcome to new member Gareth and Suku and Tom hold up the increasingly expanding table.

Tough miles this week so well done to all. Again apologies if I missed anyone but I have the ironing to do :(

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” Arthur Conan Doyle, British author