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Club stats - 29/01/17

Another amazing week with 21 of you getting in the saddle. Andy and Darren remain top of the pile putting in consistent efforts.

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Again Joe Strike putting in some big rides and is rewarded with a top 3 position at Simon's expense.

Mark Weston's steady miles brings him into the top 5 at the expense of Chairman Jonny Haynes.

Annabel's putting in the time so moves up a spot to 7th but the big mover of the week is Jordon 'the enigma' Fox moving up 6 places after a two day jolly out east causing a downwards slide for club elders Paul, Mick and Rob.

Dave T remembers he's in a CC and gets out a couple of times to move up 5 places to mid table.

New dad Jon R puts the brakes on his descent by getting out for a spin, cant be easy with 'baby brain' going on.

Rob T and Mr Hush check in and both move up 4 places. And last but not least we welcome Ade back to the family.

Well done to all folks. Apologies for any omissions and looking forward to next week, hopefully see some new names on the board.


YtD Totals: Rides count: 358, Distance count: 6020.25miles, Elevation count: 227251.17ft.