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Club stats - 30/04/17

The Tour de Yorkshire is now but a memory, for some more acute due to the aches that reside after a torturous and relentless challenge. All got through safely and will remember it for a long time.

The club is growing like Topsy with I think 45 members at last count. At this rate we will surpass last year’s collective mileage by end of June!!

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Anyway, back to business.

33 (not my favourite number by the way!!) of you adorned your finest Lycra putting all in Ann Summers to shame with your awesomeness. Over 240 hours you managed 132 rides, rode 3336 miles and ascendant a staggering 247475 ft.!!

Andy continues to lead the way and it will take something special to displace him from the top. Will it be Neil (Happy new steed Neil!!) who came out to support us in the TDY and blagged his way in to ride Pea Royd with us? Centurion Joe drops into third by a narrow margin and Neil moves up to 4th with some wandering around Wigan paying off, despite the ’Baltic’ conditions ;) . Darren holds on to 5th with a fine century yesterday helping him stay there.

Simon stays in 6th after a big week and a fast TdY and Jonny narrows the gap on a Top 5 place with another big showing this week. Also provisioning us with some excellent routes for those us in the hunt for hill points. Marauding Mark overtakes a subdued Nigel T giving our charitable Elder Mick the chance to dream of climbing a rung.

Yellow Jersey contender Rob T continues his impressive form moving up to 11th knocking our QOM collector Annabel down to 12th. Jon grabs a Fondo and continues to rise up the table. Paul B halts his drop with a fine TDY showing and David H finds his new love of the mountains stifled by work constraints

The Guardian of Google Lee holds firm in 16th saying “Swiper no Swiping” to Foxy in close proximity. Paul V stays in 18th with an impressively fast couple of outings and injury ravaged Rob R makes a hesitant comeback and jumps 2 spots for his efforts. Ian D close behind in 20th due to a pressing football related prior engagement.

Media friendly Greg moves into contention overtaking Jordon. Rick holds firm in 23rd as Richard N continues to climb knocking Ade aside in his quest for the Top 20.

Tommy shows us how the kids do it at the Tour and Phil defies the odds through grit determination and camaraderie to overcome the gruelling challenge that is the TdY. Arun stays in 28th, have you forgotten to post a ride Arun? Lloyd moves up 3 places with a fine sportive showing. Where’s David??

Decorator of Church Steeples Gareth moves up 2 places knocking Jamie and Gavin down a bit. Ravi and Suki hold on and Jason gets a spin in to move him up a spot. David is getting his groove on and is rewarded with a 2 position move upwards. All quite from what I can see elsewhere, hoping the Mayfly can lure some more out as it is wonderful out there.

Wednesday ride from the usual spot, come along and enjoy.

I think this is fitting for the week that was in it.

“When my legs hurt, I say: “Shut up legs! Do what I tell you to do!” – Jens Voigt