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Committee Changes

We've made a few changes to the Committee recently that we'd like to tell you about.

First things first, the bad news. Tom George has decided to step down from his position of British Cycling Racing Officer. We'd like to thank Tom for his time and dedication over the last 12 months. His input has been invaluable.

Now for the good news. In line with rule 8.C.I of the Club's Constitution we've added 4 new Members to the Committee. These Members hold no Officer title, but will be there to support existing Officers in the execution of their duties. As an ever expanding Club, our current Officers do a lot of work behind the scenes so providing them with additional support will make sure things continue to run smoothly and that we meet the high expectations of our Club Members.

We're excited to announce that Jonathan Haynes, Sarah Morton, Nev Fletcher and Ben Daly have all agreed to join us in that capacity.

There'll be the usual few months of getting their heads round things as we settle into a new Committee structure, but please join me in wishing them well.

As always, exciting times at Sitwell Cycling Club.

Thanks for you time,

pp/ Sitwell Cycling Club Committee

N.B. Membership renewals for 2020 are now open. Please follow this link - - to renew.