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Committee Meeting - 1/8/2016

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members will be more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 5th September at 8pm.

Club competitions

The Strava segments have been announced for the club competitons.

Sitwell Sprinter Green -

Sitwell KOM Spots -

Both can be done in one ride if you head out of the village from the meet point up Guilthwaite Hill, then take your third left after the motorway bridge. You'll take on the KOM first, once at the top, turn left and you'll head towards the wind farm where the SPRINT is.

We still don't have any sponsors for these jerseys. It's been decided that if we can't secure sponsors for them in time we'll try to fund the Sitwell Champs Bands jersey out of club funds and the rest will be awarded a certificate, so if anybody has any potential leads for sponsors, please do let us know.


As has been announced last week we've secured our first sponsor in Expert Bike Repair. Which is great news, but we could still do with at least a few more to ease the flow of funds within the club.

Tom's working hard on securing us a couple and we should have more news for you after the next committee meeting.


We now have 24 members after snapping up a couple of new faces over the last few weeks. The intro ride was a great success and Duncan will be running another one of these on the 3rd September.


The first SCC social was successful for the most part - the people who were out enjoyed themselves - however, it'd be nice to see a few more faces out.

We've not got a date for September's yet, but we're going to tie it in with another kit sizing session as we've gained quite a few members since the last one, and people may wish to try out winter kit.

Raising funds

Sponsorship helps, but is only one thing that can provide us with funds. We have some great plans, but we need money to make that happen. Jordon Fox came along and has some ideas that we'll be trying at future events so keep an eye out for announcements.


Just a reminder that members need to be courteous to one another. What may be 'banter' to one person may be going too far with another. So just have a think before you say something or write something on social media.

Can we also try remember that when wearing the club kit or on rides you're representing the club. So watch your language when in the company of others, particularly at cafe stops.


After the disastrous ride out to Midhopestones the other month we've started to give better safety briefings before rides, especially as we pick up new members and guests.

Please remember to point out potholes and obstructions. A shout of "Car front" or "Car back" always helps too. If you're unsure on what hand signals to use RCUK has a handy guide here.

We also need more experienced riders to support the newer/weaker riders. Waiting at the top of a hill isn't going to help anybody. It's better to ride up as one than sit around getting cold at the top. If you feel you have the legs for it, help out. Chat with someone who's struggling, give them a push. Morale plays a big part, especially when the weather's rubbish.

Thanks for reading.

If anybody has any points they'd like to raise with the committee, feel free to do so.