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Committee Meeting - 3/10/2016

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members will be more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 7th November at 8pm.

Sponsors update

We've now secured our second sponsor in The Sitwell Arms at Whiston. Our usual haunt. It's great news for the club as it means we shouldn't have any cash flow issues for the foreseeable future.

There will be an official press release going out within the next month and of course people who ordered kit from our last event will have the Expert Bike Repair and Sitwell Arms logos front and back.


Our next Social will be Friday 28th October, from 7:30pm at The Sitwell Arms. It'll be good to see lots of faces present.


N.B. Membership runs from January to December, so unless you purchase your membership from October onwards, it'll need renewing in January (Members who join in October - December will have an extended first year).

Winter club rides

As previously mentioned we'll be running MTB rides in the winter. The first one being the 6th November at Sherwood Pines .

We're still finalising the details for the Wednesday night spin classes, so until we do the rides will continue as normal.


After securing extra sponsorship we will be affiliated to the CTT from 1st January 2017. So anyone wishing to represent the club at a CTT event can do so.

Ride Leaders

Next year we're going to have more ride leaders. We've ended up with 5 for both Sundays and Wednesdays.

The ride leaders will be:


  • Jonny Haynes
  • Andy Laidler
  • Rob O'Reilly
  • James Fox
  • Darren Hibberd


  • Jonny Haynes
  • Andy Laidler
  • Rob O'Reilly
  • Greg Trowman
  • Simon Law

With extra ride leaders going forward it will help us plan multiple speed rides on a Sunday morning. This is something we're looking to introduce in the spring/summer of 2017.

Thanks to everybody for stepping up and I look forward to seeing some new routes on the schedule.

Thanks for reading.

If anybody has any points they'd like to raise with the committee, feel free to do so.