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Committee Meeting - 5/2/18

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 5th March

Committee members present:

Jonny Haynes (JH) – Chair
Andy Laidler (AL) – Vice Chair
David Southwood (DS) – Treasurer
James Fox (JF) – Publicity and Marketing Officer
Mark Weston (MW) – Social Officer
Mick Harrison (MH) – Membership Officer
Rob O’Reilly (RR) – Club Captain

Apologies received from:

Phil Smith – Kit Officer

Hill Climb

The course for the hill climb the club wants to put on as its first race has now been risk assessed by the CTT. There is still a long way to go to make this happen this year but we are working things out with the CTT. An official application can now be made by the club to put on a hill climb race for a date in September.

Action Point – AL to continue liaising with CTT.

Club Competitions

It is not long now until the club competitions start again this year (April - September). They were very successful last year. To make them more attainable for every club member we are looking at a handicap formula to even things out for the KOM and sprint jersey. Yellow will be more focussed on club events also. It's all about getting folks out on their bikes. An additional white jersey is also going to be introduced. It will work a bit like the member of the year one but will be only available to members that have joined this year (rookie). We are also discussing about having monthly spot prices for the competitions.

Action Point – JH/AL to work out the handicap formula and provide segments. RR to finalise the Yellow jersey rules.


We have had 57 renewal and 5 new members in January. This includes 3 women and 1 junior. Thank you for your continued support and big welcome to our new members.


We are planning on a BBQ again in the summer for members and their families. Also March's social will be part of Claire's charity gig at the Sitwell Arms, for tickets see Claire. We are also looking at a short trip away in the summer.

Action Point – MW to find out details about the charity gig and promote to members.


As discussed previously a bonus ball competition is to be set up to help raise funds for future club projects such as First Aid, Ride Leader and Coaching courses for members. It will be £2 a ticket (58 lotto balls) and the winner will win a prize such as a club jersey.

Action Point – JH to draft some rules for MW to implement.

Beginners Guide

We feel all members could do with being better informed of road etiquette. We are going to produce a little card that can be handed to members with some basic guidance on it. Ride Leaders from this Sunday will issue a briefing at the start of the ride like we did in the early days. It will include a quick summary of the route, location and distance to the café, hand signalling and shout outs etc. For a while now we have had two ride leaders on a Sunday club ride, so one should be near the front and one nearer the back. All members need to take responsibility to pass signals and shouts up and down the group.

Action Point – MH to provide first draft.

Sign at the meet point

Enquiries are on going as to get a club sign with a few details on it up at HQ. The Parish Council have been contacted and now RMBC.

Action Point – JF to pursue enquiries.

Member discounts

JF has spoken with a handful of businesses. Enquiries are still ongoing.

Action Point – JF to pursue enquiries.

Thanks for reading.

If anyone has any points to raise with the committee please feel free to do so.