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Committee Meeting - 6/3/17

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 3rd April 2017

Update from February

New Ride Leader and Appointment of Socials Officer

Lee has now joined the team of ride leaders. That takes our total to 6. He also has now stepped into the shoes of Duncan as Socials Officer after Duncan requested to step down from this position.


Members that have ordered kit should receive it this month.

Phil is still on with looking for a potential new kit supplier in the future. T-Shirts and hoodies should be here by the end of the month also.

Water bottles

These have now been delivered. Members will get two each. They will be handed out in due course. Probably with the kit and club hoodies and T-Shirts.

Club Competitions

These will be starting next month. Remember they will run from April to September inclusive.

Rob R is just finalising the product. As discussed in previous meetings all the four comps will be based on a point system, except the stripes which will stay in its current form. Just to name a few examples, points will be awarded for so many kilometres ridden or metres climbed, certain hills conquered or a section of tarmac zipped along on. And much much more.

All is going to be revealed later this month with full details.

With this system all the competitions will be attainable to most, if not all members.

Ride To The Sun

We still need definites on this. At the minute we are around at 10 members.

Our sponsor, Mark at Expert Bike Repair, is happy to be our mechanic for this event. He just needs to confirm dates.

Also club member Mick has got us transport for our bikes. Lee is going to set in motion a road trip in the car to recce the route we will be doing in October. And also enquiries how we are going to get up to the start point in Blackpool and back from Scarborough once finished.

Speed of Rides

The speed of rides seems to be a reoccurring subject, whether that's there too fast or too slow.

For statistical purposes only, the average speed of the first 8 club rides was 24kph. For the last 8 the average is 23.5kph.

So on that basis we definitely have not got any faster or slower as an average.

But it is exactly that an average. Some rides will be faster or slower than others depending on things like terrain, weather conditions and ability of the group out as a whole. The key is to be considerate to all members out.

If the pace is to fast then we'll ease off to suit. And if you feel yourself struggling, slipping out at the back please shout up. Communication is key to successful group riding.

Social Events

Aprils social will be paint balling. Something very different and extremely fun. It was also agreed a Track Day could be arranged as a club social.

Thanks for reading.

If anybody has any points they'd like to raise with the committee, feel free to do so.