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Extra Rides

After the revelation of Chaingang Tuesday. We've got some more information for you.

SATURDAY SAUNTER Starting this Saturday we're going to be running weekly Saturday Saunters. I think you can all agree that's only a good thing. So every Saturday we'll have a ride of about 30 miles in length with a café stop. Of course all members are welcome to attend, but this is aimed primarily at newcomers to club riding, so don't be shocked if the pace is slower than usual (around 11-12mph is the advertised pace). This one meets for a 9am start.

SUNDAY CAFÉ RUN Off the back of the survey, we're planning to double the number of rides on a Sunday.

Starting with the ride scheduled for Sunday 1st October we're going to run the regular Sunday Café Run (avg speed 14-15mph) but alongside this we're going to run a faster group (avg speed 17-18mph) that meets 30 minutes later. They'll both do the same route and café stop. Splitting after the café too. If you opt for fast on the way out, you can hang around with the regular speed group on the way back or vice versa as you see fit.

So timings will be:
Regular - 14-15mph: 8am summer, 9am winter
Faster - 17-18mph: 8:30am summer, 9:30am winter

We've planned it like this because if the the faster group sets off 30 minutes later, does the same route and the café is about 25 miles into a 50 mile ride. Both groups should arrive at the same time allowing all club members to socialise no matter their ability. And that's the most important thing. After all, Sunday's are for socialising.

To allow this to happen we've increased the number of Ride Leaders in the club so you'll see lots of new faces around. We'll update the website as soon as we can with all this information.

Don't forget we still have our regular Wing it Wednesdays, this week we have both road and MTB. You'll need to remember lights though as it's getting dark around 8:30pm.

Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

The Committee