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Howdy new members! 

…and for anybody that’s forgotten, Here’s a quick rundown of how a few things work. 

– KIT –

We place kit orders quarterly. Usually, the window is open for a few weeks in January, April, July, and October. This can be ordered through our Kalas portal or through Phil Smith, our Kit Officer. It takes Kalas around 6-8 weeks to then get the kit to us. So please bear that in mind when deciding what items to order. We can order anything from the full Kalas catalogue.

We try our best to get some samples from Kalas, but this is usually at the start of the year.

We also place bulk orders for caps/socks and gloves. Phil will let folks know when we’re doing that. He usually posts in the #kit channel.


We use a traffic light system to grade our rides. On both Saturdays and Sundays they follow the same pattern.

  • RED rides leave at 8am and do around 50-60 miles (sometimes further) to varying locations around the region. These are our quickest rides and are rated 15mph+ (They can reach the dizzying speeds on ~20mph on flatter rides)
  • AMBER rides leave at 8:30am and do 40-50 miles. These are rated at 13-15mph depending on where they visit.
  • GREEN rides leave at 9am and do 30-40 miles at around 12-14mph.

On a Wednesday evening, we run an AMBER and a RED as well as an off-road ride. These leave at 7:30pm.

So yes, 9 rides a week. Plenty for you to get involved in. 

You can ride in any group you think you’re able to. Don’t worry about getting dropped. You won’t be left behind.

All rides leave from the Pharmacy down at the bottom of the village.

The full list of rides can be found in the #rides channel, on Facebook, our website or on our Eventbrite page.

Any questions about rides, please speak to Mick Harrison, our Club Captain.

Please note the following, which will apply to ALL club rides until further notice.

  • For the time being, only members may book onto a ride. No guests.
  • There will also be strict adherence to social distancing guidelines. We expect all attendees to follow all guidance currently in place as set out by the government.
  • Ride Captains will choose a café stop that has outside seating and doesn’t require booking. Then the choice to sit inside or not is yours.
  • If anyone in your household is displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend a ride. You will be asked to leave immediately.
  • Following Track & Trace protocol, you must also notify us if you show any COVID-19 symptoms within 14 days of attending a ride.


We run weekly coaching sessions for under 16s under the British Cycling Go-Ride programme on Saturday mornings, 10-11:30am.

We have three coaches, Jonny Haynes, Claire Wardle and Chris Habershon is the Lead Coach.

More info on the #goride channel.


This is the easiest way to communicate. However, all official club communications will always be sent out through the British Cycling portal to the email you signed up with. So please keep it up to date.

Slack is a cross between WhatsApp and an old fashioned forum and is only for club members.

You can message a user direct on Slack or use the channels. We’ve loads fo them for various things. There’s a #ladies channel, channels for #offroad, #racing, #running and when we’re back to some sort of normality #socials. We even have a #fleamarket where you can flog your cycling tat. Feel free to have a browse through them.

When responding to messages please try and use the threads functionality, it’ll make a lot of people very happy. 

… and that’s about it. Stay safe and happy cycling.