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Ride Report - An Introduction to Club Riding

For the first ever Sitwell CC beginners ride, we started out with 7 riders of which 5 were already club members, and 2 newbies, Mick and Andy, who wanted to have a feel of what club riding was all about.

The route

We set about our route out of Whiston up the early leg tester on Morthern Lane towards Thurcroft and Laughton-en-le-Morthern. From there we headed out to Throapham and out towards Oldcotes. We then headed north towards Tickhill and Wadworth before looping back round passed Maltby and through Slade Hooten before having a real leg tester with 4 miles left to go (cheers for that one Jonny!).

A brilliant route with some deftly quiet roads to travel on with not a sole in site!

Café stop

We stopped at Garden Room café during the ride. Much had been said about this place and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

On arrival, before we could even park our bikes up, we were greeted with pints of ice cold water to quickly hydrate ourselves. After this, we tucked in to a wide variety of snacks and cakes, with a couple of coffees and teas thrown in for good measure.

And something else…

It wouldn’t be a club ride with fellow member Suku without a bit of ‘entertainment’ should we say.

Nestled at the back during a short decent, Suku was confronted by a beagle dog who decided to run alongside him. Of course the safety of such animal is of high priority, but not higher than your own.

Suku tried to shoo away the dog, but at the cost of looking at the road in front of him. Before he knew it, Suku ended up in the bushes at the side of the road! We, of course, can laugh about it now, as no serious injuries were sustained, just a few scratches and a bruised ego!!

Its safe to say that the first Sitwell CC beginners ride was a roaring success, with a nice group of us enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning 30 mile ride.

The next ride is planned for Saturday 3rd September, 9am start from the Sitwell meet point.

I hope to see you all there.