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Ride Report - Askern

This was our second time outing to the Lakeside Cafe in Askern. This time though there were a few more of us, 9 in total including 4 new faces showing an interest in the club. Even though club member Suku couldn't make the ride due to an altercation with a dog the week before, and still nursing a few aches, he still drove down to see us all off putting a smile on all our faces.

The route

As discussed from the last time we did this ride, the route was altered some what so as not to return on the same roads we came in on. There were still a few lumps and bumps until we got into Doncaster, and the roads were a mixture of lanes and B roads, but no problems at all. As with so many Sunday club rides the weather didn't disappoint either. Not so much red hot sunshine like the week before but more overcast, nonetheless warm and dry.

Cafe stop

Like the last time we visited, the Lakeside Cafe was very inexpensive and quick service. It's not like the tea room cafes we've come accustomed to of late but also nothing wrong with it at all. We all sat outside with our cuppas and grub, chatting and watching the ducks and yachts on the lake. Just to clarify they are remote controlled yachts and not the ones of the rich and famous!

Group riding

To say there were 4 new faces within the group of 9 of us we rode together as a group very well. We kept it tight as a bunch for much of the ride once again, slowing the pace down if we started to become to strung out. Club members taking turns on the front and back to keep it together. Well done to all those involved. And also to all the new faces who rode with us, really was excellent riding by all. We hope to see you again.

Our next Sunday club ride is this weekend 31st July. It's a hilly one out to Bakewell. Lee will be leading and looking after you.