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Ride Report - Bakewell

So Sunday morning is here once again as we all start to gather at the usual meeting place, 8am and 5 of us are off on our way with plans to meet a sixth when we go through Sheffield.

The route

The route was advertised as hilly and it let us know that from the onset with the climb through Brinsworth just warming the legs in preperation, into Sheffield and picking up number six gave us a nice even number.

Now for the actually hilly bit, mostly rode as a group but the climbs as usual spread out the group, newcomers were advised in advance that if it happens we'll always wait at, or just after the top, so all the group would effectively be together, no drop with Sitwell CC, of course with all the climbs came some nice descents fast rolling but easy to handle, I believe everyone loved the one into Froggatt most, I know I did!

Arriving into Bakewell we did a short loop round the town showing off the colours #radioactivebees # showusyourstripes and then onto the cafe stop a short distance out.

Cafe stop

Cafe Stop, well lets just say a tad "posher" than we're used to being lead to a table (although their was seating outside we sat in) the food and drinks were well worth it even though it was a "£10 cafe stop" I'd certainly go again.

Group riding

In summary everyone seemed to enjoy the ride despite the effort required and a good and happy pace was kept, happily there were no incidents or mechanicals on this one and the weather stayed nice all day, even the headwind wasn't that bad, home in time for dinner after a great ride, what more could you ask for?

Our next ride is Sunday 7th August where we'll be joining Giant Sheffield and VOID Clothing for a Dean Downing led ride.