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Ride Report - Canklow Woods

For a change we were blessed with some half decent weather for a MTB Ride. Three of us made this very local outing. It's amazing how many half decent trails there is in and around Whiston and Rotherham.

The Route

We climbed out the village pretty much straight away on off road terrain, alongside and then over the M1. After then linking onto some stepped trails and rocky descents around the Windfarm we worked our way over to Canklow Woods where there was much more climbing and descending, some very technical but all very enjoyable. By the time we got back to HQ it was felt the route offered a bit of everything.

Trail Riding

Due to the nature of the course 90% of it we rode in single file. Mark made the technical bits look so easy whereas Andy only fell off twice. Rob T just wished he had his other shoes on. All in all though, each member tackled it well to their own ability and more to the point it was fun.

And To Note.......

There was no cafe stop for this ride with it being relatively short and being on Sitwell HQ door stop. Even though it was a dry day much of the trails were still very very muddy. Looking forward to some dusty blasts with the warmer months coming.

The next ride is a very hilly one to Monsel Head this coming Sunday. Darren will be leading.