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Ride Report - Major Oak

This was a new route for the club out to Sherwood Forest. 7 of us set off from our meeting point in Whiston, including new members Lloyd and Mick.

A new face joined up with us in Todwick and another club member at Harthill. It definitely felt like the ending of summer with a nip in the air. Plenty of arm warmers were out.

The Route

The roads to and from Major Oak were very quiet as a whole. All in all it was a really nice route with a mixture of B roads and lanes with not a soul on them. It was a bit lumpy in places but nothing harsh. We can probably also use this route in part for a ride out to Clumber Park.

Cafe Stop

The cafe was more a restaurant stop. But all the same was excellent. Not expensive to say it's located in a popular tourist attraction either. Plenty of choice of really everything. To be noted though it doesn't open until 10am which was highlighted as we were 10 minutes early, which is fine at this time of year but maybe not on a cold winters day. There was ample room in the restaurant, safe to say you would always get a seat.

Group Riding

Apart from the lumps in the road on our return home after the stop, we rode pretty compact as a group. But where we did start to get slightly strung out the pace was slowed down and we soon bunched back up. Good hand signalling and general riding etiquette also. We just need to make sure we keep two abreast at all junctions and not spreading out still.

The next club ride is this Sunday 11th September. We are off to the Peaks (Hathersage and Beeley), so have your climbing legs ready.