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Ride Report - Retford

7 of us made the trip to Retford in the glorious spring sunshine where we visited the Broom Wagon Velo Café.

The route

After the chaos of getting through Worksop on the Clumber ride we made sure the route pretty much stayed clear on the rat runs involved with going through town centres. The route out was pretty direct and on busier roads than on the way back, but it being Sunday morning the traffic was light and was never really an issue. We covered about 50kms on the way back from Retford, the majority of it on car free roads. The sun was shining and we managed to make really good time. The route was longer than the Clumber ride and I think we'll need an on road stop next time to make sure people take on some food as we were a little fatigued during the last 10kms or so.

Café stop

Once we'd found it, it was great and very much as expected. There's a little square outside where we sat on planters in the sunshine enjoying our morning lattes and bacon butties. We'll definitely be going back.

Group riding

Quieter roads and a much more level playing field with people abilities led to far better group riding. For much of the ride we had a nice 2 rider wide column, and when we weren't we managed to stay in a long line. It was only once people became fatigued towards the end of the ride where we were more strung out.

Overall, a vast improvement.

We will be doing this route again.

That's about it for now. If you've anything to add, feel free to comment below or get in touch via all the usual channels.

For those that are interested, the next ride has a few more hills and is out to Barnsley, so bring your climbing legs.