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Ride Report - RSBP Old Moor

Just 3 of us met up for the ride out to the RSPB near Barnsley. 6 of our regular Sunday members were off doing the Trent Valley 100 Sportive and many had also looked at the weather forecast for the day. Lets just say it didn't look pretty and it wasn't.

The Route

This was our second visit to Old Moor RSPB. Like last time it took in quite a lot of the TDF 2014 roads, nice and lumpy but nothing to harsh. Plenty of quiet lanes and the only real main roads were them being a few km from the cafe. The weather was harsh though. After only half hour into the ride, the anticipated heavy wind and rain came. Even some hail and near the end sunshine. The roads in places soon became like rivers and the cafe couldn't already come soon enough. By the end of the ride its was a spin of four seasons.

Cafe Stop

The cafe here is very nice. Reasonable prices too. Plenty of choice of cakes, meals and drinks and snacks. And a very nice bacon butty. We locked our bikes up whilst we went in, not that its in a bad place, totally the opposite, more the the cafe is upstairs and our bikes were well out of view. This was highlighted on our visit here in the spring. We could have done with the radiators on to dry off a bit but in hindsight it probably wouldn't have made much difference.

Group Riding

Even though there was only 3 of us, we rode together well given the conditions and kept each others moral up with a laugh and a joke. After the cafe stop we was more single file with so much surface water and just wanting to get home and get warm and dry. Big kudos to the trio, agreed as a group to do the the route still despite the weather.

Our next club ride is this Sunday (23rd Oct) to Clumber Park. Nice and flat and just shy of 80km. Jonny will be leading.