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Ride Report - Short and Tweed!

After a last minute realisation that the café would in fact not be opening its doors on the Sunday (Hold my hands up for that one) it was agreed to return to Cherry Lane Garden Centre for refreshments in its place.

15 turned up at HQ for this one which was quite impressive, this may have been due to the promise of a ‘flat’ route, apologies for that. New joiner Nigel joined us for this ride also.

The Route

An instantly lumpy start to our 44m/70km ride was well received as we climbed 7, 5, 4, and 9% (Ulley Lane) gradient all within the first 5 miles.

Nice and flat then until Laughton where we unfortunately missed a turn to Firbeck which brought on some confusion at a couple of intersections as the Garmins were now defunct. We all knew where we wanted to get to though so it was all rainbows and unicorns for the most part. A lot of new lanes and roads discovered so wasn’t all bad in the end. Clifton Hill made a surprise appearance much to everyone’s delight at least that’s what I took those gestures to mean. Some nice new roads asked "KOM" which was gleefully answered by some.

Café Stop

We arrived at the Cherry Lane garden centre all ready to be fed. A bit of a queue due to it being a popular venue. Andy made friends with a little old lady waitress as she seemed adamant that she had to walk through him to get the crockery into the kitchen on several occasions. We dined outside on Cream and Jam scones with piping hot coffee which went down a treat. Andy had some cardboard with butter, he seemed to enjoy it. 45 minutes later we were back on the road ready for the increasingly obvious headwinds.

Group Riding

A challenging start to the ride but people keep together for the most part despite the gradients involved. It became difficult to manage on occasions with some people electing to ride ahead without full knowledge of the route.

It was quite a fast pace in places so on occasion we had to pull the reigns a little. We have to remember that this early in the year not everyone has their legs yet. Having said that people always waited at the top of hills etc. for everyone to regroup.

As the clubs grows we need to remember what Sitwell CC’s Sunday rides are all about which is riding well as a group which includes being aware of back markers etc., sharing the load up front, good conversation and plenty of laughs

Next ride out is the Tommy Simpson Memorial Ride leaving from the corner of Turner Lane & High Street at 8am instead of the usual 9.

We'll ride over to the Sports Pavillion at the Recreation Ground on Scrooby Road, Harworth and Bircotes for 9-9:30 to take part. The event itself is 50 miles, but we're looking at about 15 miles to get there by bike. So all in 80 miles.