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Ride Report - West Yorkshire

A good number of us assemble at the meeting point, abilities from each end of the amateur scale.

The route

Another hilly one today as we set off picking the hardest climb through Whiston just to stretch the legs for the rest of the ride, including big one at Stainborough, Lowe Lane / Wentworth Castle Climb, these hilly routes certainly have people showing their mettle and gritting their teeth, it all seemed up hill to Stainborough but afterwards a steady up - down / down - up flow was there to enjoy with a few descents once again proving quite pleasurable, upon passing the Yorkshire Sculpture Park the route became what can be described as flat (taking into account the first part of the route).

The route was good with only a short section on what I would class a busy road, so would be an option to repeat another time

Cafe stop

The café stop was adequate but not much / if any space for bikes to be left so may not be used again the location was over halfway (60k in from my calculations) and considering pubs were getting Sunday lunch ready (the smell of food brought on hunger) people were hoping it had arrived soon

Group riding

A few things that were brought up and need working on (some of which I'm guilty of myself) are consistency with calls out regarding cars, car front & car back are the club's preferred calls then it's clear. And we must try to stay together on climbs. If you're feeling strong, go to the back help out those that are struggling it'll boost the morale of the group.

Please remember to point out potholes and obstructions. If you're unsure on what hand signals to use RCUK has a handy guide here.

In all it was another good ride / day out with everyone saying they had enjoyed it despite the climbs, plus a decent pace was kept

The next Sunday club ride is Sunday 21st August. It's super flat with glorious quite roads all the way to The Broomwagon at Retford and back. Jonny will be leading.