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Ride Report - Wormersley

Thirteen of us made it out for a lumpy one over to Womersley on the other side of Doncaster, on a glorious Sunday morning.

The Route

We headed up out from HQ onto the lanes to Doncaster after passing through Bramley. Lovely and quiet, it was a gradual downhill to Sprotborough Falls before we used a few main roads to work our way through parts of Doncaster until very shortly we were back on lanes to Womersley and the other side of the town and the cafe. It ebbed and flowed, up and down on the return to base, but nothing to demanding at all. We passed through Badsworth and Upton on the B6474 but it wasn't too busy. The last part of the ride covered some of the 2016 Tour De Yorkshire route passing through Hooten Pagnell and surrounding villages until we eventually worked our way up and over and down to HQ.

Café Stop

New to club rides like the actually route, the cafe was excellent. Good service, reasonable and wide variety. Set in a lovely quiet courtyard we sat outside. Without a doubt we would use this cafe again, excellent for an extra stop also if some kind of epic ride was being covered that way out.

Group Riding

At the cafe stop the option was given to split into two groups again like the week before, faster and slower. But it was agreed we were happy continuing as one group given the pacey nature we arrived at the cafe in. It was quite fast but it was a pace to suit all on the ride so everybody was happy. Slightly slower on our return back to Whiston due to wind and terrain, we stuck together very well. The only hiccup being a couple of mechanicals but all in all a good ride all round.