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Virtual meetups

Hope you’re all enjoying the sun.

We’re going to try something different until we can all get back on club rides - virtual meetups.

We’ve seen few other clubs try (Thanks Barnsley Road Club) this successfully so we thought we’d give it a go.

Each week we’ll post up a photo and a bit of info of a local landmark that we hope you’d be interested in finding on one of your rides. You may not even know some of them exist. It’s up to you to find the exact location. Then post up a photo on Slack/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc with the hashtag #SitwellVirtualMeetup, and that’s about it. We’re hoping it’ll get you to explore some places that you wouldn’t do normally.

We’ll run them Monday to Sunday, but we’re giving you a head start on next weeks.

Week one suggested by Jonathan Haynes is:

Doorway from the College of Jesus, Rotherham

Situated in Boston Castle Park, Rotherham, is this relic of the College of Jesus, once situated in the town centre. The original school was paid for by “local boy” Thomas Rotherham, when Archbishop of York, and opened in 1483. It was closed by Edward VI around 1550. The street on which the college stood is still known as College Street.

If you have any suggestions for the coming weeks, let me know.

Any questions, get in touch in the usual way.

Happy exploring!


pp/ Sitwell Cycling Club Committee