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Kalas Sportswear

Kit is only available to club members - join us today!

We've chosen Kalas Sportswear as our manufacturer of choice. They have a great range of items including casual wear and are very competitive on price. They have a really small minimum and a 6 week turnaround, so we can get kit into your hands really quickly.

Having received some items already we can assure you the quality is second to none.

Please feel free to have a look though the full 2017 brochure, we can order anything from it.

The majority of the items come in three ranges: PRO; ELITE; and ACTIVE. They also do a rain wear collection known as RainMem. Many of the items are avaiable in both male and female cuts as well as sizing for juniors. Get in touch for more information.

The Kit

Below are a selection of items club members have purchased before. These are only a guide to what's available. Please check the Kalas brochure or speak to our Kit Officer if there's something you're after, but it's not on the list below.

We don't add anything to the price that Kalas Sportswear charge us.

Prices correct as of 01/01/2018. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing below, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Prices are subject to change without notice.

S/S Jersey

Best used in summer conditions with temperatures ranging between 20-30°C. All jerseys come with the option of a full zip for those glorious summer days where you can do your best Thomas Voeckler impression.


PRO Razor

L/S Jersey

For those cooler sping and autum days with temperatures ranging between 10-20°C.


PRO Elastico Thermo
ELITE Flanders
ACTIVE Flanders


Something every rider should have in their arsenal, perfect for days with temperatures ranging between 10-20°C.


ELITE W&W Mission Light
ACTIVE MicroFiber

Bib Shorts


PRO Goffrato (M) / PRO Arco (F)
ELITE Lycra Power

Bib shorts are also available without a pad.

Bib Tights

Ideal for the colder days with temperatures ranging between 5-15°C.


ELITE Roubaix

Bib tights are also available without a pad.

Wet Weather Gear

The RainMem collection is for wet weather days with temperatures ranging between 0-10°C.


RainMem S/S Jersey
RainMem L/S Jersey
RainMem Bib Shorts
RainMem Bib Tights



CROSS Athena S/S Jersey
CROSS Athena L/S Jersey
BIKER Shorts


Kalas Sportswear have a size guide here. Their sizing is pretty much spot on and better suited to British riders. We can get our hands on sample garments if you're not sure, and you can always ask a member to lend you their kit.


Ordering is easy. We place an order once a quarter. Two weeks in the following months: Janaury, April, July and October. This will be through an online portal available only to members. For more information get in touch with our Kit Officer.