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AGM - 2016

Our 2016 AGM was held at The Sitwell Arms on Friday 27th November at 7pm.

The meeting was a successful one which celebrated the successes of the club's first year and set a footing for future years.

1. Introduction

The Chair welcomed everybody to the event and ran through the order for the evening’s proceedings.

2. Members present

Jonny Haynes (Chair), Andy Laidler (Vice Chair), Duncan Campbell (Socials Officer), Tom Hodgson (PR & Marketing Officer), Rob O’Reilly (Club Captain), Greg Trowman, Mick Harrison, Subbannan Sukumar, N.R. Ravi, Arun Alfred, Phil Smith, Rob Toplis, Joe Strike, Simon Law, Lee Simmons, James Fox.

3. Apologies

David Southward (Treasurer), Stuart Burns, Paul Barnes, Rick Smith, Ian Denham.

4. Chair’s Report

So how do I report back on a year, where just under 11 months ago the club didn’t exist. To say this year has been a successful one would be an understatement.

What started out as a way for a group of friends to ride together more often has developed into a great community project and that’s all down to you guys. As a collective we can do great things.

We’re now a 30 member strong group that has achieved some great feats over the year. From Greg’s crazy Fred Whitton Classic earlier in the year, to Lee’s epic 200 miles in a day ride with Andy just riding everything and everywhere in-between. I think nearly every member has popped their 100 mile cherry which is a great achievement in itself. So kudos to you all.

I love seeing how the club’s progressed, from the first hap-hazard outing to Clumber back in March, where out of the 11 that attended, 9 of them are club members today, to now, where lasting friendships have formed. The camaraderie out on rides is plain to see and long may it continue.

I’d like to thank the committee and every member that has dedicated time to the club in some way as without them the club would not exist, I think some members do not realise how many hundreds of hours are collectively given by these volunteers to keep things running. From chasing sponsors, sorting out kit to planning or leading rides, every hour given is equally important. So thank you, all of you.

I hope next year we have just as many achievements to shout about, and I hope you wear the stripes with pride.

5. Treasurer’s Report

Apologies for not being present in person at the AGM but I have family matters to attend to.

Unless anyone has any objection I am happy to stay as Club Treasurer for next year. I'm not an accountant by trade, but do have experience of managing my own self-employment business finances so I believe I have just enough knowledge to keep the necessary paperwork maintained. If there are any accountants out there I'm fully open to ideas/advice if anyone wishes to get involved.

Since the club was founded back in January we have managed to maintain a positive bank account balance throughout the year. With Jonny's initial seed money now repaid in full, the club is now self-sustainable for another year if we are careful about spending levels.

Our primary income streams are currently made up of members fees and sponsorship deals – with recent sponsorship deals with both the Sitwell Pub and Expert Bike Repair securing the future of the club finances for another year if membership numbers stay around current levels.

Our primary outgoings are our affiliations to British Cycling and CTT, venue hire and kit purchases. Payments for members kit and merchandise (tags etc) negatively affect cash flow since we need to 'buy in bulk' up front for these items.

The committee have considered registering with the HMRC as a CASC (Charity and Sports Club) for tax purposes. But at the moment it seems there are no tax advantages of doing so and the increase in paperwork that would be required suggests it isn't worth registering yet and we aren't yet liable for tax. However our tax position may change if we start fundraising activities or accept donations in return for services – we will seek advice on this as necessary.

As club members already know we don't make a profit on any kit sales – they are supplied at cost (minus shipping charges) and this isn't likely to change in the foreseeable future since that would potentially make us liable for tax.

Membership fees for next year are due latest by 1st February. For those of us remaining as members next year we would appreciate prompt payment, it saves the committee time and it allows the committee to plan for the year ahead if we know what budget we have early on in the year.

Objectives for 2017:

  • Secure further sponsorship funding for at least two years ahead
  • Remain self-sustainable with a positive bank balance
  • Discuss options for fundraising events
  • Build a small cash reserve to keep the club running if funding levels or membership numbers drop and to fund future events

In the interests of keeping the clubs finances as open and transparent to all members as possible, we have decided to allow members to view the bank statements and other financial information. However, rather than publish those documents online (potentially breaching data protection and leaving ourselves and members open to security issues) we are asking that members talk to a committee member to request access on a 'view' only basis - you can then view the paper or online documents with a committee member present.

Bank balance on 31st October: £2311.80 (including next two years sponsorship cash)

Current balance: £502.33

Sponsorship secured for 2017 and 2018 at £400/year.

These were signed by The Committee.

6. Resignations

Tom Hodgson (PR & Marketing Officer)

7. Proposals for consideration

A. Adopt new constitution - The new constitution was proposed by The Committee and accepted unanimously. This will come into effect on January 1st 2017.

B. Election of 3 new Officers (Publicity & Marketing, Membership, and Kit) - The 3 vacancies and roles were discussed, no candidates put themselves forwards.

8. Any other business

A. Reducing cost of membership down to £10 from the second year onwards
It was proposed by The Committee to reduce the cost of membership from the second year onwards. This was discussed at length, but was unanimously rejected.

B. Group insurance for Club Members - Proposed by Arun Alfred, some form of liability insurance for when out on the road. It was agreed The Committee would look into it and get back to Members before the new year.

C. Kitty for assistance with replacing Club kit after a crash whilst on a Club ride - Proposed by various Club Members, it was agreed it was a good idea but The Committee would have to look at the funds The Club has - as The Club don’t want to get into cash flow issues - and how it would affect The Club’s tax status, if at all.

D. Presentation of Club Competition Certificates - Tom Hodgson did the presenting. The results were as follows:


  1. Greg Trowman 19s
  2. Jonny Haynes 20s
  3. Andy Laidler 21s


  1. Andy Laidler 1m26s
  2. Greg Trowman 1m40s
  3. Joe Strike 1m43s

GC - Most miles in a year

  1. Andy Laidler 4926
  2. Lee Simmons 3387
  3. Simon Law 3283

*Awarded to Lee Simmons

Stripes - Member of the year

  1. Jonny Haynes 7 votes
  2. Andy Laidler 6 votes
  3. Duncan Cambell, Ian Denham 2 votes