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AGM - 2017

This year's AGM has now been and gone. Thanks to those folks that attended.

Our 2017 AGM was held at The Parish Hall, Whiston on Friday 1st December at 7:15pm.

Below is all of the reports for 2017.


1. Introduction

The Chair welcomed everybody to the event and ran through the order for the evening’s proceedings.

2. Members Present

Jonny Haynes (Chair), Andy Laidler (Racing Officer, Vice Chair), David Southwood (Treasurer), James Fox (Marketing Officer), Phil Smith (Kit Officer), Mick Harrison (Membership Officer), Mark Weston (Socials Officer), Rob O'Reilly (Club Captain), Neil Tilsley, Paul Moncrieff, Ian Denham, Craig Wright, Joe Strike, Andrew Lidster, Nev Fletcher, Tony Humphreys, Phil Heathcote, Chris Guirdham, Rob Toplis, Glenn Spenceley.

3. Apologies

Ben Daley, Shaun Birks, Jason Hughes, Claire Morgan, Simon Law

4. Chair’s Report

So 2 years in to "our little project", and what a beast it's turning in to.

Success of 2017 - 2017 has proved to have been a successful year for the Club with membership numbers rising and the increasing number of activities / events we put on. Our objective is to provide activities of interest that appeal to as wide a section of our membership as possible to encourage more members to participate in club life.

Thanking volunteers - On that note I'd like to pass my thank to all members who have volunteered this year. We've now got a great bunch of 8 Committee members and our 2 new Welfare Officers. Who's support and experience is invaluable not just to myself, but the club as a whole. We also have an incredible 18 Ride Leaders who give up their time, planning and leading rides of all shapes and sizes for all of us to enjoy. So thanks folks. Without you, the club wouldn't be what it is today.

Racing - At the back end of last year we agreed to take up affiliation with Cycling Time Trials as well as British Cycling allowing members to compete in a variety of competitions and a handful of you have done that. It's great knowing that there are members putting the club's name out on the local racing circuit. Well done to all that have suffered wearing the stripes. For those that don;t know we've now got a dedicated WhatsApp group for racing as well as Andy Laidler has stepped up as the Club's Racing Officer.

Kit supplier - Changing kit supplier for 2018 and beyond should cause us fewer headaches and allow us to provide a better, more affordable range of items to each member whatever their requirements. I hope you're as happy as we are with the new design and I look forward to seeing folks out on the road in early spring with our fresh new look.

Riding standards - It's been noted that even with the increase in new members our riding standards as a group hasn't dropped and we've not lost the "nobody's left behind" ethos. That was one of the things we were keen to keep going as I feel it's what separates us from other clubs. So long may it continue.

2nd claim membership - Whilst the Committee would prefer that everyone raced in SCC colours, we appreciate that there could be a multitude of reasons as to why a rider wants to be a 2nd claim member of the Club. We've had a good number of riders from other clubs participating in events this year and as such we've opened up membership to allow 2nd claim membership at a reduced rate of £10 for the year.

Going forward - Lots of plans in the pipeline, some for future years, but for 2018 our main aim is increase our junior membership and increase the percentage of female club members. We're below the Yorkshire average at the moment so any ideas on how to rectify that would be welcomed.

We're in discussion with the Parish Cricket Club to potentially use their car park as a space for primarily junior members to practice skills whilst not being out on the road. There'll be more on that, as and when those talks progress.

We're looking at rasing funds so we can convert some members into qualified British Cycling Ride Leaders.

We're also trying to sort out hosting a British Red Cross emergency first aid for sports course. This, like the BC Ride Leaders course will be open to all members.

As well as continuing to put on a minimum of 4 rides a week and host a monthly social.

Committee meetings - As always we have Committee meetings on the first Monday of the month. The next one being Monday 8th January. If you have anything you'd like to discuss then do please attend.

5. Treasurer's Report

Personal Statement - Unless anyone has any objection I am happy to stay as Club Treasurer for next year. I'm not an accountant by trade, but do have experience of managing my own self-employment business finances so I believe I have just enough knowledge to keep the necessary paperwork maintained. If there are any accountants out there I'm fully open to ideas/advice if anyone wishes to get involved.

Summary of our second year - We have maintained a positive bank balance since the club was founded early in 2016. With steadily increasing membership numbers throughout this year we are in a stable position financially. However, we do rely on our sponsorship deals because members subs alone can't keep the club afloat. The Sitwell and Expert Bike Repair who we have been with us since we formed the club have 'kept us going' and our recent new sponsorship deal with Force Fusion Pro Audio will provide us with an added level of comfort for next year.

We would really like to gain more sponsors and increase the cash reserve, because this might allow us to host our own events and races that are open to the public. Theoretically we would make a profit from hosting races and events, but this isn't guaranteed so we would need backup funds just in case.

Our primary outgoings remain our affiliations to British Cycling and CTT (Cycling Time Trials), venue hire, kit purchases, merchandise, website hosting and advertising. Payments for members kit and merchandise (ID tags etc) negatively affect cash flow since we need to 'buy in bulk' up front for these items and pay any shipping costs.

Tax position with HMRC - Last year we considered registering with HMRC as a CASC (Charity and Sports Club), but felt it wasn't necessary at the time because our cash flow didn't warrant it. However if we start hosting our own races, then this might become necessary next year, the committee are currently looking into the logistics and finance of hosting our own races.

Membership Fees - Membership fees for next year are due latest by 1st February. For those of us remaining as members next year we would appreciate prompt payment, it saves the committee time and it allows the committee to plan for the year ahead if we know what budget we have early on in the year.

We intend to keep membership fees at the same level as last year.

Objectives -

  • Secure more sponsorship deals
  • Remain self-sustainable with a positive bank balance
  • Discuss options for hosting our own races
  • Continue to build a cash reserve to keep the club running and to fund future events
  • Keep kit payments at cost price
  • Keep membership fees low to encourage participation from the whole community

Access to Financial Documents - As per last year we will keep the clubs finances as open and transparent to all members as possible, so if any members wish to view the bank statements and other financial information please let one of the committee know and we can arrange a 'viewing'.

Note: Original financial documents can only be viewed offline (no copies are available) with a committee member present due to the potential for a data protection breach and to protect the security and privacy of our members.

Figures - Bank balance on 31st October 2017: £1525.01, Current balance: £815.93

6. Marketing Report

One area that sets Sitwell CC aside from other, more established clubs in the area, is the way that we have harnessed the power of social media in order to build our presence and membership over the past two years. This is not down to any one person (although Jonny certainly takes the lead on this) but as a result of the whole club buying into this by actively getting involved in online activity and spreading the word to our extended network. Thanks to everyone for getting involved.

Our Facebook account has 255 likes, we have a similar number of followers on Twitter and 142 followers on Instagram. All very positive numbers but we certainly have the scope to grow these exponentially in the future. The website is constantly updated with future rides, which again sets us aside from other clubs and we must ensure we continue to keep this going as far in advance as possible given the positive feedback we have received around this.

We have also had exposure in print media over the year and have developed good relationships with these outlets, although a more traditional news outlet this is still an important area to grow on and will be looking to members for club related stories to put out there to grow the club’s profile.

I am very pleased that we have managed to retain club sponsors Expert Bike Repair and the Sitwell Arms along with adding a new jersey sponsor in Force Fusion Pro Audio. These sponsors are imperative for the continued success and growth of the club and building our sponsorship will be integral for our future plans.

Attracting new sponsors is an area which I have struggled in over the year, but if the club continues to grow over the forthcoming months as it has recently it will only make my job easier. Where we have had success in attracting sponsorship it is where we have an existing leading lead whether it be through family, friends or being an employee of a company – so if you feel that someone you are connected to would be a good fit for the club and buy in to what we are doing please contact me for further details on the various sponsorship packages we have available.

Although the committee spearhead our activities, as a member of Sitwell CC we are all jointly responsible for our success and if you would like to get involved in bringing in partners to work with the club please let me know.

7. Membership Report

Well, where do we begin? After ending 2016 with 31 members in our maiden year as a club, the hopes and wishes for 2017 were not only to maintain our current members but to grow at a steady rate and hopefully grow as the club became better known.

I think it’s easy to say that 2017 exceeded all our expectations and then some! A huge 35 new members came along which equates to an 113% increase on last year. Along the way we had some exciting additions, namely our first junior member and much welcomed second female member.

So as we head towards 2018, the clubs aim is not only to stabilise and maintain current members but to head towards a target of 100 members by year end which is a smaller percentage increase whilst still being manageable and also to encourage more females and juniors along with anyone else who shares our passion for two wheels. We are currently the second largest club in Rotherham, just four members short of becoming the largest, so get spreading the word...

Finally, 2018 renewals are open now and you will all soon receive an email with instructions on how to complete this.

Thanks again to everyone and hopefully we see you all in 2018.

8. Racing Report

A few club members raced for the first time this year. Myself and Greg Trowman were the seasoners openers with a criterium back in March on the new circuit in Wakefield. This was then followed a few weeks later by a brutal hill climbing race known infamously as the Magnificent Seven. Both of us found these as real eye openers to racing and the experience invaluable.

During the summer Andrew Lidster did his first 10 mile Time Trial on the well known Hatfield Woodhouse Course just up the road, in a respectable time and going under the half hour mark.

This years Racing was then wrapped up in the Hill Climbing season by Darren Hibberd with two races up Sir William and then a few weeks later local hill Bib Lane where he went and got a PB.

We also had our inter club competitions where I think pretty much all of us participated.

It goes without saying a big well done to those members doing their best and representing the club. With the club growing pretty much threefold this year there seems to be much more interest in members who want to race next year and dip their toe. Any advice or anything you would like to know race related please don't hesitate to ask me whatever discipline of racing it is concerning.

Going forward we are hoping to put on our own hill climb race as part of the hill climbing season. Also but takes a lot more planning we would like to put on our own road race. Myself and Jonny went to British Cycling Workshop last Saturday which basically was all about how your club could put on its own road race. So there is plenty I'll be cracking on with in the future.

9. Socials' Report

My role as Socials Officer began in early June. The first event I implemented was the monthly social night which now takes place the last Friday of every month at the Sitwell Arms Whiston from 7.30 pm onwards.

The next social activity to be arranged was the summer barbecue for members and their families. The barbecue took place on the 30th July at Rother Valley cable ski. The food was great but the only downside was the weather which was monsoon like!

A trip to the bike show at the NEC Birmingham was scheduled for mid September but due to low interest was abandoned.

The Christmas party has been arranged along with the club's prize giving which is taking place on Sunday 10th December at Whiston Parish Hall for members and their families. Santa Clause will be putting in an appearance to hand out goodies to the kids.

Looking towards 2018 I am planning a curry night which will take you at the end of January. I am also considering a track cycling taster session and possibly a weekend away cycling in North Yorkshire or the Lakes.

If anyone has any ideas for future social events please contact me.

10. Kit Report

2017 was my first year of looking after the “club kit” for Sitwell CC, and on the whole I think it has been a successful one, both in terms of service form the club to our members, but also…

More Sitwell CC kit out on the road = better visibility of the newest fastest growing club in the area = more members & growing.

From the clubs inception we have used Akuma to supply club kit, this was designed by our chairman, Jonny Haynes and produced by Akuma. Whilst the Akuma kit is good and reasonably priced their service has, been average at best. In 2017 we had 28 members placing orders for various items of kit with a total spend of £2601.43. So with the amount we are spending we would have expected service levels to be better. Along with the average service received, the organic growth of the club, members requiring an online shop & greater range of kit, we have decided to change our current kit supplier to Kalas.

Kalas is a leading designer & manufacturer of cycling clothing and supplies the likes of British Cycling with the national kit, World Tour team Wanty Groupe Gobert & they are also the Official Kit supplier to Six Day London.

Many of you will have seen the Kalas samples at the social evening on Friday 29th September and the feedback on the evening was very positive with everyone preferring the Kalas kit to our current supplier.

The revised design has been done and approved by British Cycling so we are nearly ready to go with taking orders for Kalas kit, but before we do I will be arranging a trying on session. This will involve getting sample sizes from Kalas, so you try on before you buy. I was hoping to get these for tonight or the Christmas party, but all of the sets are currently out. In summary this year, I have processed 3 orders from 28 members with a total value of £2601.43, comprising of: 28 x Jerseys, 6 x Bib-shorts, 4 x MTB tops, 2 x Gilets, 1 x Winter jacket & 1 x arm warmers.

I do hope that all members have been happy with their kit and the service they have received from me whilst doing this role. If anyone has any ideas on other items that we could supply with club branding, please tell me or any other member of the committee.

I would love to carry on as kit officer, but if anyone thinks that they could improve on the service we have given or kit supplied then please speak to a member of the committee.

11. Captain’s Report

What a year it’s been for Sitwell Cycling Club.

Firstly, I’d like to welcome all members and thank them for joining our club, now their club. I may not have met you all yet but those I have I have enjoyed their company immensely and I hope you all re-join in the new year.

I’d especially like to thank the ride leaders, long standing, and new, for enabling us to provide what the members want, that is, more rides, more often and for mixed abilities. We current offer Chaingang Tuesday for the daring amongst you. Wing it Wednesday and more recently Wing it Wednesday MTB. Another relatively new addition is the Saturday Saunter designed especially for those of you who want a more relaxed ride, have been off the road for a bit and want to ease back, or for non-members who want to have a go oat club riding. The ever-popular Sunday ride is still the flagship and offers the broadest range of rides to all. Remember no-one will be dropped on any of these rides. If you are interested in becoming a ride leader just mention it to one of the committee and we would be more than happy to onboard you.

Now, the competitions we were running throughout April to September may have eluded you if you joined late in the year but they proved very popular. We had three competitions running in parallel.

1. The Polka-Dot Jersey – Each month the committee would announce a local climb that would become the monthly KOM. Riders were encouraged to get as good a time as possible on it for that month only. This proved to be a great introduction to climbing for people that normally avoided hills and proved a very popular competition. Winner to be announced on December 10th.

2. The Green Jersey – Again each month the committee would announce a sprint on local roads usually around 0.3 – 0.4 miles in length. Every second counted on this one so members really pushed themselves to better their sprinting techniques for this. This competition was more hotly contested than the KOM and a winner will be announced on December 10th

3. The Yellow Jersey – This was a competition of epic proportions. There were points for:

  • Attending Wednesday and Sunday club rides.
  • Gran Fondo points for cycling 100km each month (Strava Challenge).
  • Elevation points for most elevation that month (Strava Challenge).
  • Distance points for most miles (outdoor) completed each month (Strava Challenge).
  • Pro-rata points for each of the Top 100 climbs completed each month.

29 of the Top 100 were climbed by our competition participants in 2017 so we now have a target for next year to beat.

This proved a difficult one to manage and improvements in scoring and rules will be made for the coming year. But I think the majority enjoyed it immensely. Please bear in mind that the original scoring mechanism was for Top 25 only as that was the size of the club at the time so unfortunately people who ranked outside the top 25 did not receive a score, this will be rectified in next year’s competition. Again, the winner of this will be announced on Dec 10th

In the new year, we will look forward to hearing your suggestions on how to make the competition bigger and better and more transparent. We already have a few ideas in the mix which I think will be exciting. That along with new members should really shake it up.

I have compiled some interesting statistics for the year up to Nov 28th regarding our members which are mind-blowing…
-No. of Rides: 7300 -Distance ridden: 167,000miles or 268761km. That’s almost 7 times around the earth!!! Or 70% of the way to the moon -Elevation: 3,136,845m or 9,319,276ft. That’s 354 times up Mt. Everest -We have also collectively cycled for over 470 days and nights -I won’t mention how much we have spent collectively

To finish, I would like you to thank you all again for your membership of Sitwell CC. I hope you have all surpassed your personal goals for the year and become a stronger rider. I hope that all those who suffered injuries are now healed an I wish you all Safe Riding for 2018.

12. AOB

Neil Tilsey praised the efforts of the committee and thanked them for their hard work.

Nothing else was raised by members.


If any member has anything they wish to discuss off the back of these don't hesitate to get in touch with a committee member.

As discussed at the meeting and subsequently, 2018 memberships are now open. We've good plans for 2018 and beyond, and hope you wish to continue on the journey with us. Thanks to those that have already renewed.

If you wish too, you can renew here:

I'd like to take this point to thank all members for their valuable input during 2017 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2018.

Those that are out on Sunday and the afternoon's party, I'll see you then.

Happy cycling.


N.B. Renewals are open until 23:59 on Wednesday 31st January 2018. After which point you will be deemed to have left the club.