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AGM - 2018

This year's AGM has now been and gone. Thanks to those folks that attended.

Our 2018 AGM was held at The Parish Hall, Whiston on Friday 1st December at 7:15pm.

Members present were recorded separately.


Club Chairman Jonny Haynes welcomed all members to the event and provided details of the order of the evening’s proceedings.

Overview of the year’s activities

Committee members provided written reports of the activities under their remit throughout the year. These reports were distributed prior to the AGM and an overview was provided on the night. No questions were arising of the reports.

Copies of the reports have been emailed out but if you require another one they are available here.

Changes to the constitution

Changes to the following articles of the constitution were proposed by the Chairman, and distributed prior to the event for consideration by club members;

  • The purposes of the club
  • Membership
  • AGM (including changes to the structure of the committee)
  • Extraordinary General Meetings
  • The committee

Full details of the changes proposed are available from the committee

All proposed changes to the constitution were passed unanimously.

The updated constitution is available here.


A number of questions were posed by the members to the committee, summarised as follows;

Q) Does the club have targets for building female membership?
A) No specific targets are set, we would like to be in line with the average percentage of female club members in British Cycling affiliated clubs. We are taking steps to build female membership, e.g. women only club rides.

Q) Can gloves be included as a branded item on future club kit orders?
A) The plan is to focus on one ‘special’ kit item per order as many of these smaller items require a minimum number per order, and require co-ordination from the Kit Officer

Q) Where is the club Hill Climb competition to be held in 2019?
A) The Hill Climb Competition is to be staged on Ulley Lane, Ulley, Rotherham on the 1st September 2019

Q) When did the club competitions finish?
A) Club jersey competitions ended at the end of September with winners to be announced at the forthcoming Christmas Party

Q) Is the club planning to work with any charities in the future?
A) We have partnered with Rotherham Hospice and will be holding fundraising events throughout 2019

If any member has anything they wish to discuss off the back of these don't hesitate to get in touch with a committee member.

The next committee meeting is to be held on 7th January 2019 at the Sitwell Arms.

As discussed at the meeting and subsequently, 2019 memberships are now open. We've good plans for 2019 and beyond, and hope you wish to continue on the journey with us. Thanks to those that have already renewed.

If you wish too, you can renew here:

I'd like to take this point to thank all members for their valuable input during 2018 and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2019.

Happy cycling.


N.B. Renewals are open until 23:59 on Thursday 31st January 2019. After which point you will be deemed to have left the club.