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Chaingang Tuesday

As a result of feedback from the survey and a discussion with members who are interested in racing we're going to start what we're currently calling Chaingang Tuesday.

Like all club events, it's something that is open to all members, not just those that are interested in racing.

We'll start it next week. So Tuesday 19th September. Events have gone up on FB. But not the website yet as it needs some tweaks to accommodate the new ride schedule. This is what's gone on the event for those not on FB.

Chaingang Tuesday is all about racecraft. Practicing through and off at high speed.

Running for one hour from 7:30pm until 8:30pm. Riders can come and go as they please. There's parking available on the side road of Europa Court if you wish to drive over.

We use Europa Link as it has multiple roundabouts but is light on traffic and is well lit. Having multiple roundabouts allows riders to peel off the back of the group and rejoin if the pace is too high.

There's no Sitwell CC Road Captain on this ride.

We expect the pace on this ride to be around 20mph.

Any questions. Don't hesitate to ask.

The Committee