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Club stats - 05/03/17

Again 25 of us saddled up on a wet and windy week, with some fantastic routes put in amongst the 101 rides covering 2387 miles and a jaw dropping elevation of 115,568ft, that’s almost 4 Everest climbs folks!!

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Andy remains top of the pile with almost 200 miles, a Gran Fondo and a 4th Cat race to boot, Represent!! Neil moves up to second place putting in the most miles this week, well done Neil. Darren drops down to 3rd favouring elevation over distance and leading the way in that department to date with almost 65k ft. climbed already. Joe stays in 4th putting in a serious week in the mountains with Simon also remaining in 5th picking up a couple of Cups along the way.

Mick defies medical science to move up to 6th with another sodden epic ride today knocking Mark down a spot despite a respectable weeks efforts. Annabel holds on to 4th despite almost turning mermaid today. Jonny again with a GF and some jollys on the MTB gets comfortable in 9th.Jon completes the top 10 with a few solid rides, mostly in horrendous conditions.

Nigel drops out of the upper echelons for the first time since joining but only just. A big ride today secures Jordon 12th spot despite a Garmin fail, new bike?? Lee continues his assault on the leaders with a big ride today and received plaudits for his orientation skills today, any tips Lee? Aquaman Rob T moves up 2 places with an epic GF today, another rider turned blue by the Big Red.
Rob gets off the turbo to bring his recycled mistress out for a spin and holds on to 16th. Paul gives the finger to the weather today and drops two places. Greg, one of a duo of Sitwellian thoroughbreds goes racing and maintains 18th spot whilst Ian continues his fine run of form with another big one today rewarded with a top 20 place. David keeps the beard dry today and moves down a place to 20th, bet fellow beardy Dave T is well jell.

A fantastic charitable Gran Fondo for big Phil moves him up. David puts in some ghost miles so stays put this week, tough love Dave, sorry mate. Merman Paul holds on to 23rd with a big wet ride today. Nowt from Arun this week but he maintains his place nonetheless. Ade also holds on to 25th with a couple of nice commutes in the week.

Rick makes a move from the back of the peloton this week and moves up a place. Gavin goes stateside and Duncan lays down the Gauntlet to secure 30th place.

Better weather expected next week hopefully. Congrats to all the lunatics who went out today, hope you’re all suitably warmed up. Don’t forget spinning on Wednesday nights with Darren, nice and dry there.

“Cycling isn’t a game, it’s a sport. Tough, hard and unpitying, and it requires great sacrifices. One plays football, or tennis, or hockey. One doesn’t play at cycling” – Jean de Gribaldy


YtD Totals: Rides count: 1006, Distance count: 18745.54miles, Elevation count: 772447.96ft.