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Club stats -19/02/17

Week 7 and what a week, the best yet – 25 of you donned the Lycra, looked awesome and got out there completing 109 rides, over 2000 miles, 134 hours and thanks in no small part to the ‘flat’ ride today – almost doubled last week elevation.

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Same 5 Super Troopers in the top 5 with Joe slipping to 5th due to a busman’s holiday this week. Andy goes into full Manimal mode busting out 250+ miles .

Mick and Annabel move up to 6th and 8th respectively with some solid efforts this week, knocking Mark and Jonny down a spot in the process. Jordon maintains 10th spot and made a welcome visit today, looking strong out there Jordon.

Then we move into the much coveted 11-15 spots. Jon Revill storming up to 11th and putting distance between him and Paul B. Paul B has a new lady “Albertina” who I’m sure will inspire him to great things if their first bonding session is anything to go by. Greg drops 2 spots, Rob inspired by Paul’s affair is hoping to mount his new lady “Seraphina” in anger soon. Lee gets over his fear of the outdoors with promising results moving up 3 spots.

Rob T also toying with a new lady as yet unnamed moves up 2 spots, with Foxy less than a mile behind. Cinematic wonder Dave T goes walkabout dropping a few spots. Ian and Dave hold their own in 19th and 20th respectively. An appreciative Dave enjoying todays flat run.

Paul and Rick move up a couple of spots after a couple of solid rides this week knock Phil and Stewart down a notch. Arun holds his own in 23rd.
Gavin a big mover this week with 4 good rides and Ade moves up after finding his mojo again. Duncan enjoying Lincoln’s good fortunes so remains in 29th.

Massive week for the club, well done to all. Some good things happening next week. Keep in touch via the website or the many other media types.

In the words of a famous moustachioed icon - “I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle; I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride my bike; I want to ride my bicycle; I want to ride it where I like…; I don’t believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or Superman; All I wanna do is bicycle, bicycle, bicycle…” -Freddie Mercury, Queen, 1978


YtD Totals: Rides count: 701, Distance count: 11925.2miles, Elevation count: 457875.01.