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Committee Meeting - 11/01/21

We had our club committee meeting last night where the below was discussed. These are held monthly on Zoom, usually on the first Monday of the month. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 1st February

Committee members present:

JDH - Jonny Haynes (BC Racing / Chair)
AL - Andy Laidler (CTT Racing / Vice Chair)
MW - Mark Weston (Socials)
RO'R - Rob O’Reilly (Membership)
DS - David Southwood (Treasurer)
BD - Ben Daly
CH - Chris Habershon (Coach)
JF - James Fox (Marketing / Vice Chair)
JH - Jonathan Haynes


MH - Mick Harrison (Captain)
SM - Sarah Morton
PS - Phil Smith (Kit)
NF - Nev Fletcher

There were sufficient committee members present for the meeting to be quorate.

Racing in 2021 (JDH/AL)

We've booked provisional dates for both BC and CTT races for the summer when hopefully things will be back to some sort of normality. As per usual, we'll need volunteers to help run these events or they will not be able to go ahead and more information will be released as we start to get a better idea of what the future looks like following the lowering of the current restrictions and the roll-out of the vaccine.

Coaching (CH)

We're all prepped and ready to get going with our Go-Ride sessions once current restrictions are lifted. RMBC have approved our plans for sessions on HerringthorpeFields and are as eager as we are to get started once we can do so safely.

Announcing the Winners (SM)

It was raised that we should get on with announcing our competition winners from2020. There's been a delay due to us not receiving the jerseys until the week before Christmas and we had a plan to get them distributed before we were put into Lockdown last week. We now have another plan and winners will be receiving their jerseys in the post during the coming weeks before we announce to the wider club.

Ride Captains (SM/Committee)

SM raised that not be on their ride. We also felt MH could do with some help in managing the beast that is the Ride Schedule. Going forward there will be weekly automated prompts in theRide Captains channel to remind RCs to get their rides over to MH in a timely manner. We'll also be dropping the description of routes to speed up the process. Also, more members of the Committee will have access to Eventbrite to make sure attendee lists are provided to RCs who want them.

First Aid Kits (SM)

We've been made aware that some of the new RCs don't have access to first aid kits. We've also done an audit of the RCs that have them and some of the equipment is out of date, so we'll be ordering new kits for all Ride Captains in the coming weeks.

Kit (PS)

We're still waiting on Kalas to send over the designs for approval with our new sponsor logo on before opening the latest kit window. PS will update in due course.

Christmas Party (MW)

After the roaring success of the last two Christmas parties, we're proposing to run two events on a Saturday in December to accommodate more people. We'll run an earlier session for families to attend and get their yearly Santa fix, as well as a new revamped evening awards session to present the awards to our competition winners.MW will have more on that as the year progresses.

Finances (DS)

There is currently £4415 in the club account. ~£500 is owed to Kalas for previous kit orders and we're also due in £400 from BC for membership subscriptions.


Charities Officer (JF)

JF asked if he could take on the role of Charities Officer whilst also keeping some of his Marketing Officer responsibilities. He has some great ideas to raise vast sums for our charity partner which will remain as Bluebell Wood for 2021. He'll be officially taking on that role in April.

Easy Fundraising (JDH)

We're currently raised £16.98 from 16 supporters. Many thanks to those that have signed up. If you wish to sign up, you can do so here.


Thanks for reading.

If anyone has any points to raise with the committee please feel free to do so.