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Committee Meeting - 11/6/18

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 2nd July

Committee members present:

Jonny Haynes (JH) - Chair
James Fox (JF) - Co-Vice Chair / Publicity & Marketing Officer
Andy Laidler (AL) - Co-Vice Chair / Racing Officer (minutes)
Rob O’Reilly (RR) - Club Captain
Claire Morgan (CM) - Equality & Diversity Officer
Mark Weston (MW) – Socials Officer
Phil Smith (PS) – Kit Officer
Mick Harrison (MH) – Membership Officer

Apologies received from: David Southwood (DS) - Treasurer

There were sufficient committee members present for the meeting to be quorate.

Membership Update (MH)

We now have a total of 87 members. We had 8 new membership last month and already have 2 this month. Thank you all for your continued support and a big welcome to our newest members.

Yoga (RR)

(RR) is going to start enquiries about yoga classes for the club during the off season. Some of the most elite cyclists use yoga as part of a successful cycling program. It helps counteract any muscle stiffness that may come from riding smoothly. If it is good enough for the best it surely good enough for Sitwell CC!


With some club members enjoying both cycling disciplines and MTB numbers not being particularly high the last few months, MTB Wednesday is going to move to every 2 weeks from every week.


(AL) has been informed that the timers are now on their way in the post.


(AL) to chase up the option of spin classes again during the off season at least and potentially every Tuesday night throughout the year.


(JF) is still perusing the relevant authorities for permission to get a Sitwell CC Sign at HQ. It will say a bit about what/who we are, rides and where we meet and link to more information.

Sunday Saunter

The first Sunday Saunter will be the 24th June. It will start at 9am and be around 30 miles with a café stop and at the usual sauntering pace. There will still be the standard Sunday club ride and this will stay the same.

Ladies Ride

To encourage women into cycling and to the club, (CM) will be leading a ladies only ride on Sunday 1st July, Leaving HQ at 9am.The emphasis will be on women riding their bikes and not on any kind of speed, with a distance of around 20 miles with a café stop.


Kit has now arrived from our second order with new supplier Kalas. It seems everybody again is really happy with it. No complaints at all. The next kit ordering window will be very soon, opening Monday 25th June and closing on Friday 6th July. This window has been brought forward slightly due to kit officer (PS) being on holiday most of July.

Social and Sweepstake

This month social is taking place on Friday 29th June to celebrate the 2018 TDF. It will be taking place in the Sitwell Arms at 19:30 for a meal and drinks. For fun (MW) has also suggested yellow, green or polkadot item of clothing to be worn. The TDF sweepstake will take place, it's £2.00 per team.



Thanks for reading.

If anyone has any points to raise with the committee please feel free to do so.