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Committee Meeting - 4/2/19

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: * Monday 4th March 2019*

Committee members present:

Jonny Haynes (JH) - Chair
Andy Laidler (AL) - Co-Vice Chair / CTT Racing Officer (minutes)
Tom George (TG) - BC Racing Officer
Claire Morgan (CM) - Equality & Diversity Officer
Mark Weston (MW) – Socials Officer
Mick Harrison (MH) – Club Captain
David Southwood (DS) - Treasurer


James Fox (JF) - Co-Vice Chair / Publicity & Marketing Officer
Phil Smith (PS) – Kit Officer
Rob O’Reilly (RR) - Membership Officer

There were sufficient committee members present for the meeting to be quorate.

Coast to Coast 2019

There is enough interest from members for this event to go ahead this June. The actual weekend is still yet to be decided but logistically the numbers interested are perfect. Mick will be sending an email out this month for a definitive answer with the cut off for decisions being the end of the month (February).

Membership Update

The renewal of club memberships has now ended. Only 9 people didn’t renew. We also though have picked up 7 new members already this year, given us a new club total of 105. Thank you to all those who renewed and your continued support and welcome to everyone who is a new face. We are delighted to have you on board the Sitwell Train in 2019.

Races Update

The Sprint/Kilo competition has now been risk assessed and passed by the CTT. So that with the KOM and Open Hill Climb Event in September…..All systems are go. Lots to do but all in hand. The obvious jobs in hand at the minute are getting to grips with the timing devices, collation of results and the purchasing of some race radios. It was decided plaques will be the prizes for all club comp categories KOM/Sprint only. Names etched in and held on to by the winners until the following year. This will start to create some history memorabilia for the club in the years to come.


We have around £3000 in the club account but that includes payments for socks and caps etc that still needs to come out.

Mix of Rides

It has been highlighted that there seems to be a lack of variety in destinations lately of some club rides. Please could all Ride Leaders check before they submit their routes that the same place is not being visited on the same type of ride the week before or after. Recently we have had three Sunday Café Rides in as many weeks visiting the same place for example.


The flaps have now been ordered and should arrive within the next 10-14 days. The One Life ID tags have also been requested for new members

This is something we are looking in to in the future along with things like Coaching. The main thing we would need is some off-road space.

Thanks for reading.

If anyone has any points to raise with the committee please feel free to do so.