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Committee Meeting - 4/7/2016

We had the first club committee meeting last night where the below was discussed. These are going to be held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members will be more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 1st August at 8pm.

Club competitions

We've decided that we're going to run some club competitions with the aim of giving out prizes to riders at the end of year bash/AGM, this will depend on getting sponsors though as we'll need funds to purchase the jerseys (see sponsorship below).

Sitwell Champs Bands - This will be for the rider who the club members vote for as member of the year. It will be a white jersey that replicates the World Champs jersey with 5 stripes across the front of the chest but the stripes will be the green and gold from our club crest.

Sitwell GC Gold - Whoever clocks up the most miles in the year, no matter how fast or slow will get the honour of wearing our general classification jersey in club gold. This can be submitted as Strava data or merely info from your cycle computer.

Sitwell Sprinter Green - We'll designate a segment on Strava as the Sitwell CC Sprint Challenge, whoever has the fastest time on it at the end of the year will win this jersey.

Sitwell KOM Spots - We'll designate a segment on Strava as the Sitwell CC KOM Challenge, whoever has the fastest time on it at the end of the year will win this jersey.

We'll update you on the Strava segments we're going to use in due course.


We're going to push more for smaller sponsorship opportunities such as bottles and club caps, but also unique sponsors for our one off jerseys. We'll still give people the option of having their logo on our club kit but it's not something we'll push straight away. With a new website in the works we'll also have space for advertising on there. Tom ( is the person responsible for this, so if any of you have any contacts we could use, please do let him know.


Growing the membership is something we're constantly striving to do. Duncan ( has suggested we run a shorter slower ride on the first Saturday of the month as an introduction to club riding and he's happy to lead it in the short term. We can advertise this on the Sky Rides website with the hope of attracting new members who may be put off by the faster/longer nature of Sunday rides.

We're also going to put up more posters and hand out more flyers. Events like the one in the village this weekend just gone are a golden opportunity for us to get in peoples faces. We've picked up a potential new member by just being there and having a drink in club kit so it does work.

If anybody has any other ideas for this please do let either myself ( or Andy ( know.


After persuading Duncan to be our events manager, he's got to work straight away, the first event will be on Friday 5th August, the actual details will be firmed up, but it'd be great if all club members could attend.

Duncan will be working on future events and we've decided we'll do an event each month (Bowling, Food, Drinks, etc) with a family event each quarter, some suggestions for this were BBQs and visiting JumpInc.

That's about it for now.

If anybody has any points they'd like to raise with the committee, feel free to do so.