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Committee Meeting - 5/12/16

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 9th January 2017

Candidates for empty roles

Roles within the club of PR & Marketing and Membership Officer and therefore on the committee still needed filling.

Phil had recently offered his services as Kit Officer and thrown himself into the role which was very pleasing to see

James Fox had been approached for The PR & Marketing Role prior to the meeting and has since accepted the offer. That just leaves the position of Membership Officer vacant.

Any member who feels they can fulfil this role please get in touch with Jonny or Andy.

Rejigging club competitions

It's been common knowledge within the club that next year we would like the club competitions more inclusive to every member, basically so they are more achievable and competitive to every rider.

So Rob O'Reilly has come up with an excellent idea for the GC award or better known as the yellow jersey. It will be based on a point system for certain segments, hills, downhills and flats all included as well for so many kilometres completed within a ride etc. The points for each member will be collated by Rob in tables (similar to what he does now). The competition will run from April 1st to September 30th 2017, and at the end the club member with the most points collated will be the winner. This is still in its infancy and more details will be put out next year.

Regarding the green and polka dot jersey (sprinters and climbers respectively) competitions, again these will be points based. There will be a 6 different segments for the 6 months (April to September 2017) they are run for each jersey, with so many points for first, second, third and so on. The club member with the most points at the end of the 6 months collectively for each competition will be the winner.

Lastly the stripes jersey (club member of the year) will stay the same as this year.

More on all of this will be released early next year.

Clarification on roles

Rob wanted clarification on his role as Club Captain. This was done and he is more than happy to continue with his role and the extra he has now volunteered to do with the club competition work.

Club charity ride

It was discussed to move the club charity ride Lee has been devising from April 1st 2017 to October time in the year. Just so it can give us a bit more time to prepare and that members will have their fitness then from the summer. The possibility of the club putting an Audax instead in the spring was also brought up.

Thanks for reading.

If anybody has any points they'd like to raise with the committee, feel free to do so.