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Committee Meeting - 6/2/17

We had our club committee meeting a few weeks back where the below was discussed. These are held every first Monday of the month in the Sitwell Arms, Whiston. Club members are more than welcome to attend to discuss any issues they have.

The next committee meeting will be: Monday 6th March 2017

Update from January

First Aid Kits

The first aid kits have now been purchased and distributed to ride leaders. Every club ride now will have a first aid kit with the member leading it. Hopefully it will never really have to be used but we are prepared if we do.

Window stickers

We're still finalising the design, should be ordered this month.

Club charity

Members voted for Bluebell Wood. Lee has requested some tins. Speak to him about fundraising.

Water bottles

Still researching them. Getting the best deal for members takes time.

Ride Leader

Lee offered his services to become a ride leader for both Wednesday and Sunday rides. It was voted unanimously by the Committee in favour of this. This now increases leaders to 6 for both days.

Faster Rides

It was brought up by Rob O'Reilly (and has been mentioned before by various members) about having a fast and slow group on club rides on a Sunday.

It was discussed that we are still too small a group for this considering our average turnout on a Sunday is around 10.

It has therefore been proposed that in the spring/summer we will trial riding out as one group to the cafe on that route as per usual but on the return journey split into a fast and slow group. It will still be exactly the same route so no one will still ever get left behind. This idea is in its infancy still though.

Collection Tins

Lee asked about taking collection tins on rides. It was decided they will taken out on rides such as Christmas (basically, special occasions) but not on a general Sunday club run.

Weekend Away

After Duncan had spoke to members that attended the last social (3/2/17) about a training week in France around the 2018 TDF, this idea has now been scrapped due to lack of interest.

What seems a more favourable idea to members is a weekend away on the bikes etc such as in the Lake District and renting out some lodgings.

More info will follow in due course with this as it wouldn't be until next year, potentially spring/early summer.

It was also discussed about doing some special club rides this summer such as to Cleethorpes or drive up to the Dales for a ride for example.

Kit Supplier

For various reasons we're exploring our options regarding a kit supplier.

Phil is looking at potential kit suppliers for the future.

BioRacer has been closely looked at as they provide similar cost items but also cheaper ones and a wider range of kit.

The downside however is there's an 8 week turnaround and minimum delivery costs or the club would get a surcharge. It would probably mean we would have to move to a spring and autumn ordering process.

Nothing's been finalised, but it's something that is being looked at.

T-Shirts and Hoodies

Phil has managed to sort the club out with some free, yes that's FREE, club t-shirts and hoodies. We are hoping to have them arrive to members come early March.

Thanks for reading.

If anybody has any points they'd like to raise with the committee, feel free to do so.