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More Rides

At Committee level we’ve been discussing moving to three rides at the weekend to try and accomodate members needs better and thin out the groups a little to make them easier for Ride Captains to manage. We've had a discussion with the Ride Captains and they voted overwhelming in favour of our proposals.

As such, starting the weekend of 13th/14th April. Weekend rides will be moving to the new format of:

RED - 50-60+ miles at 15+ mph

AMBER - 40-50 miles at 13-15 mph

GREEN - 30-40 miles at 12-14 mph

We're keeping them as staggered starts. We’ve checked out other club’s who run multiple rides on the same day and from feedback it can be confusing which group to join if they all meet at the same time.

We think this way is better - folks should arrive back in the village roughly at the same time allowing for a social drink or two when the weather is better. That is after all what the club is about. The coffee, the cake and the good times.

Massive thanks to all Ride Captains for facilitating this.

Keep an eye on the ride schedules and we'll put out another announcement closer to the date to remind you of the changes.

Exciting times ahead.