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Ride Report - 65 Roses Holme Moss Classic

Our hometown sportive in aid of a cause very close to our heart.

12 fools members left Whiston to take on the notoriously hilly 65 Roses Holme Moss Classic. Again started chilly, but soon the sun shone and all was right in the world.

If anybody wants any more information on Cystic Fibrosis, check out the Trust's website here.

The Route

Around 1850 meters of climbing, including Lowe Lane and Holme Moss was to be tackled.

The route generally was quiet, meandering over the hills through the peaks.

We did have to do a stretch on Woodhead Pass, but managed to get through that unscathed.

Cafe Stop

Being a sportive, there was no designated café stop, there were however two feed stations. With plenty of food to be had. All of it normal food rather than isotonic drinks and gels, but it was more than adequate and they were well stocked.

Group Riding

Sticking together as a group really helped the group tackle the big climbs and the camaraderie on show was excellent.

I want to see more of this in the future. It feels good to be part of a club that has this ethos and it looks good to outsiders too!

We got a few mentions from marshalls and other riders that we looked good in our club kit and it was nice to see the support we had for each other.

The next club ride is this Sunday 25th September. Andy will be taking you over to Retford to The Broomwagon. A nice flat one after the last two outings to the peaks.