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Ride Report - An Introduction to Club Riding - February 2017

4 club members (Tom, Arun, Rob T. and Jon) and 2 newcomers (Apologies, their names escape me at present) met at HQ for a Beginner's Ride on Saturday 25th Feb despite the somewhat ominous looking weather forecast.

The Route

The group headed up Royds Moor hill and over to Thurcroft, eventually turning off and heading for Laughton. We then followed the pleasantly traffic-free East Field Lane to Firbeck and enjoyed the newly laid road surface there.

Shortly after joining Maltby Road the Ride Leader's Garmin navigation unfortunatley malfunctioned and the route had to be adjusted on the fly. With rain looming the decision was made to take a right at the roundabout in Oldcotes and head back towards Firbeck via Lamb Lane and Kid Lane then return home the way we came.

Rain started to fall as we rejoined East Field Lane and followed us all the way back. The tricky conditions may have contributed to a slow speed crash for Arun in Thurcroft due to a loss of traction on the junction between Sandy Lane and Woodhouse Green. Thankfully both man and machine were unharmed, though Arun did suffer an unfortunate puncture prior to descending Royds Moor.

Group Riding

The group rode well and stuck to the club's 'No Drop' policy, slowing the pace and regrouping if the riders got split. 'Car back' was called out consistently, though the calling out of other potential road hazards (such as potholes etc.) could be done with more consistency.

Thanks to Jon for bringing along the two newcomers, hopefully they will both become fully fledged club members soon!