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Ride Report - An Introduction to Club Riding - March 2017

Taking a intro ride for the first time was certainly different for me, I got there early just to show my face and already there was a few people ready and raring to go, by the time 9am came about there were 14 of us in total (wow).

Trying to keep the ride as simple as possible it headed up Morthern Lane, a long climb, this spread out the pack and involved some waiting which allowed people to chat and get to know each other, once this climb was done it was pretty much flat from there onwards a couple of Sitwellians opted to stay at the back and help out if needed (Thanks guys) while I stayed near the middle / front to direct people along the way and try to keep us as much in one group as possible.

Moral seemed to be high on the ride with plenty of conversation going on and banter between the people who knew each other, along with some cheeky banter with people who didn’t, no lines were stepped over, phew, the pace of the ride was slower than expected so it was deemed an alteration of the route would be best to allow people to get back on time for their dinners (and family) whilst this was taken it was offered to the current group that if anyone has time a quicker paced unplanned extra miles would be taking placed also lead by club members unfortunately time was short for many

Throughout the ride attitudes were good and everyone seemed happy (always a bonus) the weather stayed nice and relatively warm (some would disagree about shorts over tights but…) group riding was a bit difficult in some sections due to the pace some wanted over the pace some could manage but as a whole most of the ride was done in a group, other club ride info was given to most if not all of the people who attended, including Wednesday night rides starting in April (YEY!!)

The extra bit included a bit of competitve “segment chasing” (no good if you don’t know where they start and finish) and a much quicker pace along the Europa Link (known for a bit of TT practice) also a little go a Jenkin Hill, Pearoyd was given a Wide birth for that day, maybe another day

Glad everyone enjoyed the ride, and the extra bit if you came along

See you out in the big wide world soon, Spring is here, turbos away and get outside!