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Ride Report - Barnsley

Another good number turned up for the ride out to RSPB Old Moor taking in parts of Doncaster and Barnsley. There were 11 of us, with 7 of us being club members. That's very encouraging.

Just for the record we're up to 11 paid up club members now.

The route

A more challenging route taking in some of Le Tour de Yorkshire Stage 2 in reverse. We had plenty of rolling terrain to tackle.

Overall we felt the route was pretty good, most of it on quieter roads, but we need to figure out a way to get to RSPB Old Moor without going down the main road. Maybe approaching it from Rotherham as the road going out that way had much less traffic on it.

Café stop

RSPB Old Moor is a great little place. The weather being nice worked in our favour as we were able to sit outside and keep an eye on the bikes. If the weather wasn't good and we needed to seek shelter we'd have to reassess this as a café stop as there would be no way we could eat and keep and eye on the bikes.

That being said. Lee has found a good product that will be great for times like this.

Group riding

We were strung out at times, I think that's always going to happen on hillier terrain. However, as you can see for the image up top, we can ride as a group, we're getting better at it and it's great to see.

Keep up the good work!

For those that are interested, the next ride is a longer one (55m) out to Markham on hopefully flatter terrain.