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Ride Report - Beeley

Setting off on what is one of our favourite Peak District rides. 19 riders were present for the start.

Adopting the new club policy of no more than 16 in a group, we quickly split into two groups to ease traffic flow and increase the safety of the riders on the road.

The Route

As a change to our previous routes into Sheffield we went up through Handsworth, over to Manor Top and down City Road into Sheffield.

Then sticking to plan we climbed up Ringinglow Road where there was a pretty strong headwind and we managed to stay together well.

Down into the bottom of Hathersage, before heading towards Froggat and over to Beeley for the Cafe Stop.

Climbing up from the Cafe Stop and over the tops before heading back down from Owler Bar into Sheffield.

Traffic had picked up by then so we took a detour through Sheffield and tackled the 5 Wiers Walk back to Meadowhall before jumping back onto the road to get through to Rotherham.

A nice route with big long climbs and nice flowey descents. Great weather helped too.

Café Stop

Stopping at The Old Smithy in Beeley once again they dealt well with our mass arrival. Good food and drink was served promptly. We'll be back for sure.

Group Riding

On the whole pretty good considering the influx of new members in the recent weeks. Just need to remember to shout up if your're struggling rather than trying to hang onto the back of a group.