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Ride Report - Boston Park Farm

This was our biggest club ride to date. A whopping 80 miles.

7 of us started out all in club kit looking the real deal. Prospective new member Kelvin joined us shortly into the route taking us up to 8. This was until about 15 miles into the ride when 3 members left us to do an alternative shorter route on offer.

This seems to work well and will probably offer the same again when we do another high mileage ride. Something for everyone.

The route

Once we were out of Rotherham and on the lanes over to Doncaster we went from rolling terrain to dead out pan flat.

We kept a cracking pace up to the cafe stop on mainly lanes with just a few B roads thrown in.

After refreshments we shortly encountered a problem of a closed road. The actual closure wasn't the main issue, more there was no diversion offered at all.

In hindsight we should have turned back the way we came, but to keep off the main road it appeared we could nip down an adjacent road and link back up with the route. This wasn't the case and so we ended up in Misterton well off course.

We did eventually link back up with the original route in Bawtry, but by that time we had done a lot of extra miles and so took a direct route back to Whiston on the main roads.

In future we need a plan B, more a what if. By the time we got back to Whiston we still had only done the 80 miles as originally planned, just not the route, and it took a whole lot longer losing the nice group pace we had proceeding the cafe stop.

Café stop

Another good one. Very reasonably priced and lots of choice.

We sat outside with it being a warm day if not a little windy. Though there was just as much seating inside if the weather wasn't as good.

We will definitely be visiting this cafe again.

With its location being where it is, we can use it for both long and short club rides.

Group riding

For whatever reason we didn't seem to do this as well as we have been. Up to press we had been coming on leaps and bounds. But as the ride progressed we became more and more strung out and especially after the road closure.

We need to keep it tight as a group, it's a must as well as the club policy of no drop and pace to suit all. It's inevitable we all have a different level of fitness, but by keeping the group tight and waiting at the top of hills when appropriate, it provides shelter and support for everyone.

Our next Sunday club ride is this weekend, 17th July. We are off to the Dovecote Cafe in Misterton, a ride we did earlier on in the year and thoroughly enjoyed.

Hope to see you there, new and old:)