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Ride Report - Braithwell

Trying something a little bit different this week - a route that barely leaves Rotherham - starting at 8am with a brisk, autumn-type feel to the temperature before the off.

The Route

On this occasion the club ride took us, well, hardly out of Rotherham really! But what a brilliant ride
we had.

The early wind chill soon dispersed once we got our climbing legs going up the SCC KOM
into Ulley.

We then made our way into Brookhouse before taking on Bib Lane. It took some time to get us all up there but we all took our time and tried to enjoy it as much as we could!

From there we took a route a route in towards Laughton up the Hooten Lane climb and then through to North Anston, Gildingwells, swooping on to the A60 into Oldcoates, before taking a quieter route into the familiar roads to Firbeck and into Laughton.

We then hit a right towards Maltby and into Doncaster district, before looping round at Mexborough and back into Rotherham via the Ravenfield Climb and ‘BRECKS FULL’.

Some leg testers to finish!

Cafe Stop

We stopped at Garden Room café during the ride. Much had been said about this place and it certainly didn’t disappoint, even though we did have to wait a while for our beverages and gluten free rounds of granary toast!

The café was visibly very busy so we had to sit outside, which wasn’t a problem for (most of) us!

Group Riding

A bit strung out in parts due to the punchy nature of the course but overall good group riding once we'd regrouped on the flat.

We still need to pay attention at junctions. No more that 2 across please!

And something else…

For me personally, one of the best club rides I have been on! The weather, the route, the company (of course), the café, the amazing scenery!

From start to finish, it was a great day in the saddle, and I think most others will agree. There’s nothing better to be doing on a Sunday morning.

Why not come along on our next club ride? Check out the website at to see what we have coming up, all are welcome of course.

Next weekend we're racing in Rotherham town centre, but we're back on normal club rides from Sunday 16th October with a trip to RSBP Old Moor.

N.B. Probably best to bring a lock to this one as the cafe is away from the place we'd store bikes.