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Ride Report - Budby

A route created by Club Captain Rob Reilly and lead by James Fox which took in some familiar roads around Worksop but stopped by a new café in the unknown realms of Budby.

The Route

A 13 strong contingent of Radioactive Bees hit the road on a gloomy Sunday morning including one first timer in the form of Nev but all club members looked resplendent in the famous green and yellow stripes. The route took us a new and exciting way to Aston, taking an unprecedented right turn out of High Street. A left at the lights onto West Bawtry Road for a short time then hanging a left onto Long Lane and a steady climb on lovely quiet roads up to Treeton where we made our way back to the crossroads at Ulley.

I suppose what I’m trying to say politely here is that the man who created the route was nursing a hangover somewhere in Ireland while the rest of us actually doing the route wondered whether a) Rob was inebriated when creating it or b) he let one of his kids loose on Strava for poops and giggles given the massive detour we had just taken. Not for the last time that day we decided it was probably a little from column A and a little from column B.

It was certainly a testing route out to the café with plenty of lumpy bits along the way and we were certainly relieved to see a sign for the mythical place known as Budby which none of us had heard of before (turns out it’s is a small hamlet in the civil parish of Perlethorpe-cum-Budby, Nottinghamshire and lays around 2 miles north of Edwinstowe, of course). We even managed a spot of sightseeing along the way – the famous Sports Direct factory in Shirebrook loomed ominously in the distance as we ruminated on the dangers of 21st century slavery.

The route back after the café stop was much faster and flatter, heading on the very same roads we road on the very first club run back in 2016 and even joining up with Worksop’s Bike Fitting legend Andy Bishop for a few miles.

Café Stop

The café was the Crew Yard Café and Bistro in Budby, a very nice place adjoining an antiques shop. We were cast outside rather than being allowed inside to eat but it had become unseasonably mild as the morning progressed so this was no big issue, the courtyard would be a real suntrap in summer so should be revisited again in months to come.

The place loses marks for the young, sassy mouthed waitress who publicly shamed a club member daring take a selfie to mark their visit to the establishment. No names shall be mentioned but I personally think it’s perfectly acceptable for a 35-year-old man to take selfies. It’s not like I was he was pouting while taking it or anything. Anyway, we had the last laugh as we didn’t leave a tip. HA!

Group Riding

Everyone did exceptionally well at riding together, staying as a group for virtually the entirety of the route. It just shows how much the club has improved as a whole, when not too long ago we were getting strung out very frequently. Communication was good too, with those at the back shouting up when the pace started getting a bit too hot. Well done to all involved. Also big thanks to Nev for coming along and we all hope to see you again soon.

The next ride is an MTB ride at Sherwood Pines on Sunday January 15th. Andy will be leading.

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