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Ride Report - Canklow Woods

The last MTB/Club ride before Christmas. The weather was rubbish and with the epic numbers we had last week, this week's ride was always going to be short on numbers.

So it was no surprise when only three made it out.

The Route

On a mission to showcase all of the premium local off-road trails to club members, Jonny led the merry bunch through Canklow Woods and up onto the top of the Quarry before having a breather to check out the landscape below.

Then heading over past the hospital and back down to the crossing point for Whiston Meadows on what can only be described as a sweet piece of singletrack we crossed over to the flatlands of the meadows before heading up to the wind farm at Ulley.

The weather wasn't great, but the sprits were high and much fun was had.

Trail Riding

Nothing too crazy to note as the things we tackled were pretty average. No mad drop-offs. The three did well, stuck together and had a god time.

The next club is on the Club's Birthday. January 1st. Be great if you could make it out for this road ride to start the new year.

I will be leading.